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Hungary and Hungarian dentistry have long held a leading position in dental tourism. More than 40% of European and 20% of all dental tourists in the world choose Hungary and Hungarian dentists. The choice and trust are justified because Hungarian dentists are waiting for their patients from abroad with prices for dental implants, first-class dental implants and highly qualified dentists that are even 60% lower.

From this letter you will learn the following:

  • Hungarian quality advantages
  • Prices in Hungary and Western Europe
  • Our senior doctor

It is no coincidence that Hungary has a leading position in dental care for foreign patients both in Europe and worldwide. It traditionally has good dentistry studies, a large number of dentists per head and thanks to the characteristic lower cost of living, a combination of low prices and high quality services is possible.

Hungarian quality advantages

The country’s geographic location, western culture and good public security help patients who want to be treated abroad to choose Budapest or other provincial cities. So patients who have their cheap dental implantation carried out in Hungary can expect to have to pay 60% less than in their home countries. What do you get in Hungary for this very cheap price? following:

• Highly qualified staff who have been dealing with patients from abroad for decades,
• Guarantee for surgical interventions and implants,
• Top quality Swiss, German and Israeli implants, abutments and dentures (crowns, bridges),
Fast and detailed treatment and price offer,
• In many cases assistance on the way to Hungary.

Prices in Hungary and Western Europe

At Hungarian clinics you can get implants, abutments and dentures (crowns, bridges) of both the standard and premium categories for much less money – as you can see in this table, which shows and compares the average prices. The Hungarian prices include both the cost of materials and laboratory tests, and the wages of the doctors.

What does dentures cost abroad? Austria* Hungary**
Swiss standard dental implant Austria * – 1710 € Hungary ** – from € 550
Swiss standard dental implant structure Austria * – € 380 Hungary ** – from € 120
sinus lift Austria * – € 893 Hungary ** – from € 550
Minilift Austria * – € 589 Hungary ** – from € 300
Long-term temporary Austria * – 670 € Hungary ** – from € 390
Metal-ceramic tooth crown Austria * – € 589 Hungary ** – from € 190
Zircon tooth crown Austria * – € 940 Hungary ** – from € 300
Two-unit dental bridge, metal-ceramic crowns Austria * – € 1178 Hungary ** – from € 380
Two-unit dental bridge, zircon crowns Austria * – 1880 € Hungary ** – from € 600
* Source: 2011 National Dental Consultancy Service, Comprehensive Fee Report
** Source: The prices are the lowest from Best Dental Implants.
I want an offer

So it is worth asking for an offer if you decide that you want to save half the dental implantation costs in Hungary than in your home country! From our Hungarian clinics dealing with the treatment of foreign patients, "ACE Dental" clinic and "Soporon Dental" clinic expect their patients from all over the world with affordable prices and free additional services.

We help our future patients on their way to Budapest and stay with several free additional services. After we have made an appointment for the implantation, your personal assistant will pave the way to Hungary. It helps you find and book cheap airline tickets / tickets and sends you a list of partner hotels near the clinic. When you arrive, our driver will wait and drive you to the hotel or clinic. This service is free of charge for our customers, just like the transfer back to the airport / train station.

Our clinics provide a 10-year guarantee for the implanted implants and 5 holistic guarantees for the surgical interventions.

Our senior doctor

Senior Physician Dr. László Mozsolits heads the doctors of our clinics, he also organizes and leads the work of our teams. Dr. László Mozsolits is a general dentist and orthodontist – other areas of expertise are implantology and aesthetic dentistry. He had worked at several dental clinics for implantology for years before starting his own clinics. After work, he continues to learn, takes part in further training, most recently, for example, in one that presented new implantation techniques. He is also involved in collaborations that achieve technological innovations. He finds relationships of trust, their establishment and maintenance important.

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