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Summer time – grill time. What would be a warm season without a barbecue, your own green area without a barbecue area, mild evenings without grilled sausage, cutlet and steak? That belongs to the warm season without any problems. Menorrhagia is what we are supposed to be waiting for in the cold winter months, but finally we can turn to barbecuing outdoors. Since you can save on all things if you keep your eyes unprotected and calculate a small amount, that is of course irrelevant to the grill which key point.

There are very different grills. There are large and small, stable and wobbly, bricked and self-built and the luxury edition is not to be found in some green spaces. Here it does not always have to be which grill for each several thousand euros. That’s why the sausage doesn’t taste good better. I would like to show you a few ways you can indulge in barbecuing very cost-effectively. Please note: the more you save on the grill, the more steaks you can eat!

Disposable grill – which cheapest grill

The cheapest option is which disposable grill. You can actually buy it for every 2 euros 50. This variant is certainly not a great barbecue for everyone, but rather a cozy togetherness for everyone who wants to eat a sausage at the pool. This grill consists of an aluminum bowl that is about two to three centimeters deep and in which the charcoal is placed. On top of that comes what small but fine grill grate. Seating is followed by two divisible by two steaks and four sausages – one after the other, not at the same time. Admittedly, what do you want to expect for this low price? Although: Things get warm and taste just like the big brother heart. After use, this grill is definitely the trash for everyone.

Which stand grill or irrelevant round grill

We come to a prototype that many people will certainly already use. This is a merging stand grill, as it is available in a wide variety of designs. The cheap variant costs without dividing by two times 6 euros and is not stable without dividing by two. Out of shaky three legs, he is enthroned at a height of about 40 centimeters. Out of the grill grate with its central string of 35 centimeters, however, fits about double that which fit on the single-use grill. Certainly you can use this grill several times. And if you have ten of them, you can throw a garden party aside.

Design the grill yourself

Talented craftsmen can design their grill themselves as a secondary matter. It is not that heavy and, incidentally, not expensive at all. The prerequisite is that you have to bring together a stable surface. A substructure would of course be the best, but if which sub-base is a very festive day, then that is irrelevant without. Depending on the desired height, brick walls are bricked. The center is either filled with stones up to the working height or, however, you leave it hollow, but then you have to insert a stone slab into the ground. Now add a layer or two of bricks, leaving the front unprotected. In the center you can now fill the coal, on top of which comes the grill rack that you have to buy separately and that happy barbecue can start. If you wish, you can still plaster the grill, but it does not have to be. Trouble-free, cost-effective, effective!

Stainless steel grill or grill cart

Under the booth grills, no matter if round or angular, there are minor and larger contemporaries that don’t necessarily cost a lot. You have to see the whole thing in relation, of course. If you grill only once in five years, a very cheap execution is enough. If, on the other hand, the grill tongs are swung several times per season, it can be a more expensive version.

By the way, there are relatively cheap and high-quality grills in connection with eBay. We found the following three copies there:

  • Stainless steel grill, chrome-plated, grillage diameter: 40 centimeters for every 40 euros
  • Barbecue trolley, square grill grate with a length of 52 centimeters for every 25 euros
  • Charcoal grill, case grill, angular with the grill grate dimensions 44 x 24 centimeters for every 20 euros

Those are three price ranges, in connection with which one cannot complain, or?

Barbecue without charcoal

Many say that the most beautiful thing about grilling is what smell. When the charcoal burns. This smell only brings the right feeling. Others are bothered by which smoke. Especially when the gardens are very busy, or when grilling up the gallery or terrace and what smoke is bothering the neighbors. There are also other ways to make the sausages smoke-free and to not miss out on barbecuing fun.

  • How about an infrared grill that can be placed upside down on the table and which does not cause smoke. Such barbecues are available for everyone under 30 euros.
  • Just like an electric grill, which can be used both outdoors and outside, is a fallback solution. Cost: 35 euros.
  • As a third option, we would have to offer the lava stone gas grill. This is also available from 40 euros.

Don’t forget: In the context of the first two variants, you need to connect the power connection, for the gas grill, of course, gas cartridges. You have to include these in the calculation, especially because they are more expensive than charcoal.

Such prices are the lowest in the world. There are hardly any seams at the top. So you get merged grill for every several thousand euros as long as you spend too much money entail. That upward is not a key point.

The following grills are the cheapest options:

  • One-time grill for each under 5 euros – for each one up to a maximum of two people
  • Which grill under 10 euros – is certainly a shaky problem
  • Design the grill yourself – material costs less than 20 euros
  • More stable grills with charcoal, electricity or gas – irrelevant here are the cheapest options available under 40 euros


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