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The homeowners insurance – property obligations

Is the conclusion of a homeowner insurance useful?

Accidents that cause serious injury or life-long harm can quickly lead to millions of dollars in financial damage. Therefore, the sum insured should never go under 3 million euros lump sum for property damage and personal injury. Many insurers even offer insurance coverage for damages up to 5, 10 or even 50 million euros. By the way, owners are also liable if something happens on undeveloped land. Here, too, an additional insurance is necessary.

The cost of homeowners insurance varies enormously depending on the type of property and insurance providers. Tariffs between 30 and 160 euros are available for a two-family house with 200 m² of living space. An apartment building with six apartments between 46 and 291 euros annually. Undeveloped land is much cheaper and can already be insured with 20 euros per year.

The homeowners insurance protects you in the following cases:

car crash

Damage example:
A truck drives into your 40-year-old house and causes a total loss of 43,000 euros. However, the driver’s car insurance only reimburses you the current value of 16,500 euros; you will have to pay for all other costs yourself.

about 26.500 €
If you have your building insured at its original value, the building insurance bears the remaining costs, which are still open after deduction of the time value.

lightning strike

Damage example:
During a thunderstorm, a lightning strikes your house and sets fire to the entire attic. Although the fire department can quickly control the fire, the living spaces are so badly damaged that your house must be completely demolished and rebuilt.

about 350.000 €
The homeowners insurance covers the costs incurred to rebuild the house.


Damage example:
You notice dark spots on the wall of your kitchen and suspect a water pipe break. However, this can only be located after the entire kitchen has been dismantled and the kitchen wall has been opened. Then you have to replace the broken pipe, dry the walls and replace the damaged floor.

about 2.400 €
The homeowners insurance covers all costs incurred.

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Financial test recommends

“As part of a homeowner community, check if your manager has signed a contract and if it is cheap. Some insurers offer cheap special rates. ”
Financial test 02/2012

Eco-test recommends

“Put your housing policy to the test. Very often more power is possible for less money. Who optimizes his protection, should make sure that the new tariff in case of damage caused by “gross negligence.”
Eco-test 02/2012

61.4% of the claims expenditures of the homeowners insurers arise from tap water

Which insurance should I choose??

A homeowners insurance is only necessary if you rent a property, owner of an undeveloped property or a member of a community of owners. For homeowners who live their property exclusively with their family, the private liability insurance is sufficient.

The decision for proper homeowners insurance then depends heavily on the building facilities from. Should, for example, ancillary buildings and garages be insured or is there a photovoltaic system on the roof? In general, however, that the insurance under no circumstances should it be less than € 3 million lump sum for personal injury and property damage. The homeowners insurance should cover at least damage from fire, hail, storm, lightning, explosion and water pipe breakage.

Optionally, in addition to a Hazard insurance against flooding, landslides, avalanches and the like.

Which insurance should I choose??

If you require more detailed information about homeowners insurance, we will provide you with these in our questions&Answers area. There we collected and explained the most frequently asked questions.

Of course, you can also contact our insurance experts personally for advice. You can reach us free of charge 089/45 206 79 20.

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