Cheap inlay – save money with

Cheap inlay - save money with


Even minor damage to the tooth surface must be treated and treated by the dentist to prevent further damage to the tooth. The standard care provides for this a filling therapy with amalgam or plastic, with which the damaged area is sealed. For places in the visible anterior region, a filling with tooth-colored plastic is always used. The problem with amalgam is, besides the fact that the filling material contains the toxic heavy metal mercury, above all the aesthetics. Although plastic offers a much more unobtrusive appearance and can be executed in color as the surrounding tooth. However, the material has a lower strength and is therefore less resistant to chewing pressure and abrasion in the molar region.

A useful alternative to dental fillings made of amalgam or plastic are inlays made of ceramic or alloys, such as gold or non-precious metal. They are manufactured in the dental laboratory and then inserted and attached by the dentist. While gold and non-precious metal without tooth-colored veneer are also clearly recognizable, ceramic inlays can be made exactly in the color of the surrounding hard tooth substance. So even with a close look, they are not recognizable as dentures.

  • 4 years warranty
  • CE certified materials
  • Save up to 80%

Inlay costs

The cost of an inlay depends on which material is chosen and how big the hole in the tooth is to be closed. Inlays made of plastic are generally the cheapest, while gold inlays cause the highest costs. However, the statutory health insurance only covers the costs for a filling therapy with amalgam.

What are inlays?

  • These are custom-fit fillings that are made in the lab and then used by the dentist
  • With them, smaller holes in the tooth, z. B. on the occlusal surfaces or on the sides of the tooth, sealed and sealed
  • They are equally suitable for the treatment of incisors and molars
  • They provide a durable and reliable supply of minor damage to the tooth

Inlay, crown or filling?

In the catalog of benefits of the statutory health insurance inlays are not included. Nevertheless, you can get an inlay instead of a filling on your own request. The boundaries between an inlay and a partial crown supply are fluid and not clearly defined. In simple terms, an inlay can repair localized damage to the tooth, while a partial crown can be used for major damage.

Durability of inlays

Because inlays are made in the lab, unlike plastic fillings, the margins on the tooth are particularly vulnerable. In case of inadequate teeth cleaning and oral care, bacteria can colonize and multiply on the margins, which can lead to renewed tooth decay and impair the stability and durability of the inlay. With good and thorough care, the inlays are long lasting. Plastic dentures have the shortest life expectancy, especially when the filling extends to the occlusal surfaces. Gold or ceramic inlays, on the other hand, can withstand great chewing pressure in the long run and are accordingly durable for a similar period of time as bridges or crowns made of the same material.

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