Cheap prosthesis – save money with

Cheap prosthesis - save money with

bar prosthesis

A bridge prosthesis is so-called combined dentures. The restoration consists of a fixed part in the jaw part and a removable element, both of which are connected by the eponymous bridge. Steg prostheses are suitable both for the supply of the lower and the upper jaw. The part anchored in the jaw is today usually realized by 2 to 6 implants, which grow firmly into the bone and ensure a stable hold. These implants are connected with thin metal rods, to which then the actual prosthesis with the artificial teeth is attached. The bar connection locks the implants, ensuring that they remain immobile and stable even after direct loading after insertion. The bridge and implants are usually made of titanium, which is extremely durable and resistant. However, constructions made of non-noble metals (NEM) or gold (alloys) are also possible.

The removable prosthesis has recesses on the back which surround the bars, thus ensuring the secure hold of the denture in the mouth. The dentures are made of plastic in the partial denture process.

  • 4 years warranty
  • CE certified materials
  • Save up to 80%

Cost of a bridge prosthesis

The implantation of implants represents the biggest cost factor for a bridge prosthesis. If more than two implants are placed, the costs per implant will decrease slightly. In addition, there are additional costs for material and laboratory as well as for the preparation of the actual full denture.

How long does a bridge prosthesis last??

With greatly reduced dentition or the supply of a completely edentulous jaw, bar prostheses are a very reliable and durable form of dentures. The use of implants that grow into the jaw ensures long-term care over many years and longer. A prerequisite for this, however, is good oral hygiene, which is made more difficult by the fixed bar connections in the mouth and therefore has to be re-trained.

Stegprothese or Locatorprothese?

An alternative to the bridge prosthesis is the Locatorprothese, in which the removable prosthesis is mounted on so-called locators or anchors. The locator itself is supported by an implant and ensures a secure hold of the prosthesis in the jaw. Compared to a bar prosthesis, a locator prosthesis is financially cheaper and also facilitates daily oral hygiene, as the locators are much easier to clean than bars. However, a Locatorprothese requires a higher Nachsorgeaufwand. Regular check-ups at the dentist are therefore indispensable for this care.

Stegprothese – treatment procedure

At the beginning of the treatment, the dentist first examines any remaining teeth and the condition of the gums and jawbones using X-rays. Thereafter, under local anesthesia, the implants are inserted into the jawbone, where they heal firmly over 4 to 6 months. Even a possibly required bone structure can be done in the course of this operation, so that the implants get sufficient stability. The patient receives an individualized long-term temporary restoration for this time, with which normal speech and eating are also possible during the healing phase.

This is followed by an impression or a digital oral scan, so that the bridge restoration or the appropriate prosthesis can be customized for each patient in the laboratory. After completion of the healing phase of the implants, the bridges are inserted by the dentist, and the prosthesis is fitted for the patient.

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