Cheap telescopic prosthesis – save money with

Cheap telescopic prosthesis - save money with

telescope prosthesis

The telescopic prosthesis is a partial denture that is attached with a double crown system. The dentist applies metal copings (inner crowns) to the (own) anchor teeth. The matching outer crowns are located in the prosthesis. When inserting the outer crowns are slipped or pushed over the inner crowns. Thus, the prosthesis sits securely during the entire wearing time and can neither wobble nor slip or come loose.

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Telescopic prosthesis costs

How much a telescopic prosthesis costs depends primarily on the number of telescopic crowns required. A telescopic prosthesis is much more expensive than a staple prosthesis. And because telescopic dentures do not belong to the standard care of the statutory health insurance companies, the percentage of the patient’s own contribution is also much higher than half of the costs.

Treatment procedure for telescopic prostheses

The dentist takes a denture impression or creates a mouth scan, so that the planned denture later fits perfectly to the entire jaw. The pillar or anchor teeth, which are later to carry the inner crowns of the telescopic prosthesis, must be prepared (ground) and provided with special (telescopic) crowns. These crowns are usually permanently attached with dental cement. In order for the dentition to look normal and be used throughout the treatment period, patients will be provided with a temporary solution until the telescopic prosthesis is ready.

Telescopic prosthesis experiences
That’s what our patients say

Cleaning a telescopic prosthesis

When cleaning the telescopic prosthesis, it’s all about getting the insides of the Aufsteckkäppchen (outer telescopes) properly clean. This requires a little practice and patience and works best with cotton swabs or a small (bristle) brush. The ideal cleanser for this is a mild soap suds, such as water with a few drops of detergent. After cleaning, the prosthesis is rinsed with plenty of clear water. The inner crowns remaining in the mouth are cleaned as usual with the toothbrush.

Removable dentures should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a day. For quick prosthesis cleaning in between (for example after a meal), it is sufficient to remove the dentures and rinse thoroughly under running water.

How is a telescopic prosthesis fixed??

When inserting or securing the telescopic prosthesis, the outer telescope (outer crown or secondary crown) is slipped over the inner telescope (inner crown or primary crown). The visible outer crowns are like real teeth and fit so precisely over the inner crowns that the prosthesis safely fits after plugging in and can neither wobble nor loosen.

That’s what our patients say

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– Christian S. from Munich

"With I made the right decision!"

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