Cheap whitening bar – save money with

Cheap whitening bar - save money with

bleaching tray

If you want to lighten your teeth and at the same time attach importance to the best possible and most appealing result, the dentist can have a custom-made whitening splint made for you. In combination with a special whitening gel you can whiten and whiten your teeth at home to remove stubborn stains.

Bleaching slides individually adapted by the dentist lead to a uniform and aesthetic teeth whitening. The rails are made exactly to measure, which is particularly important because the hydrogen peroxide contained in the bleach can attack teeth and gums. Although the home bleaching bleach has a lower concentration than bleach used by the dentist, improper use may not only whiten the teeth, but also stain the gums.

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Bleaching splint treatment procedure

A bleaching splint is made of a highly comfortable plastic and usually only two appointments for the patient to the dentist are required to obtain them. In the first appointment, an impression of the jaw and the teeth is made, which then makes the track individually in the laboratory. At the same time a professional tooth cleaning is carried out. This stubborn deposits (tartar) are removed mechanically, an important preparation to bleach at the follow-up appointment for teeth to achieve the best possible effect.

Before use at home, first apply a sufficient amount of bleach gel to the inside of the splint and then place the splint on the teeth. The bleach will act on the enamel immediately after application and must not be allowed to work longer than prescribed by the dentist. After the exposure time, the bleaching rail must be carefully removed and cleaned. The teeth must also be thoroughly cleaned after every bleaching procedure and the remains of the bleach must be rinsed out with plenty of clear water. In addition, it is advisable to abstain from coloring foods such as red wine or black tea during this time in order to obtain a lasting and appealing result.

Fields of application of bleaching bars

Bleaching bars from the dental laboratory are a great way for people who want to lighten their teeth themselves. In comparison to bleaching mass products from the pharmacy or the drugstore, home whitening with a custom-made splint uses a more effective and more highly concentrated bleaching agent. This allows even heavily discolored teeth to whiten and visibly lighten. However, the bleach provided by the dentist may only be used in conjunction with the bleaching splint. The recommended dosage and duration should not be exceeded at home, to prevent damage to teeth (hypersensitivity) and gums (chemical burns).

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