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You are the proud owner of a registered car? Then you also have a car insurance policy. At least motor vehicle liability insurance is required by law in germany. Often extended by partial or fully comprehensive insurance. Since many insurers only offer annual contracts, you can check once a year whether the insurance still suits you and your needs. Or whether a change is worthwhile. A wonderful side effect of this is that your insurer will try to keep you. Immoral offers are not uncommon…

Change car insurance 2020

Everyone who listens to the radio knows them: the advertisements for changing car insurance. Always around the same time of year. So far you have probably forgotten it after a few minutes again. Until today – after all, you are reading these lines right now. If you are thinking about changing your insurance and are looking for answers to the most important questions about this topic, then this article is for you.

When can i change my car insurance?

When exactly did the radio advertisement run again? When is the right time to change? Typically, car insurance policies expire at the end of each year, i.e., on 31. December. Since many insurers offer a one-month cancellation period, the change must be made by the 30th of the following year.11. Follow. Just like the christmas cookies you find on the shelves as early as september, the insurance change is also advertised early on. That gives you plenty of time to find out what the best offers are.

changing car insurance: is it possible even after the deadline??

The general answer to this question is no. The vast majority of car insurance policies in Germany can be cancelled once a year. The cancellation period is 1 month. If you do not cancel, the contract is automatically extended for another year. There are a few exceptions, which we will discuss later.

deadline for cancelling car insurance, 30. November

If you decide to change your car insurance, your written notice of cancellation must be received no later than 30 days after the change. your insurer must have received your claim by November. This is the deadline for your insurance change. In some cases, the term of the contract may differ from the traditional calendar year. To be on the safe side, ask your insurer again.

Can the car insurance be changed during the year?

Now let’s look at the exceptions. Under these circumstances, you can cancel your car insurance in the middle of the year, or. Switch:

  • In case of change of owner or vehicle
  • After a claim
  • After a premium increase

Change car insurance when changing owner/vehicle

In both cases you can either continue the existing car insurance or take out a new one. In case of a change of ownership – for example, if you transfer your car to your partner – the new owner must also be the new policyholder.

Change car insurance after damage

Did you know that you have a special right of cancellation if a claim has been settled after an accident?? You can cancel your contract up to 4 weeks later without giving any reason. This also applies to your insurer, who has the same right.

Change in the event of an increase in premiums

Last but not least, you have the option to change your car insurance if your premiums are increased. In this case, you have a special right of cancellation. The cancellation period is one month from the day on which you were notified of the premium increase.

You now know when you have the right to cancel your car insurance policy. The next question is which coverage is right for you. Is motor vehicle liability insurance sufficient?? Or would you prefer partial or fully comprehensive insurance??

If you still don’t have an answer, we have compiled the most important information for you in the following sections.

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This protection is offered by car insurance

The basic insurance in germany is the motor vehicle liability insurance. As already mentioned, as a vehicle owner you can’t get around them. Their main purpose is to cover the damage of your accident opponent. You can replace this cover with a partial or full insurance. Extend comprehensive insurance.

getsafe car insurance is particularly affordable and offers extensive benefits. Because our customers were the focus of our development work, all the benefits are tailored to what our target group really wants from car insurance. If you want to learn more, go this way.

Partial cover

This voluntary additional insurance also pays for damage to your own car. Covers theft, broken glass, natural hazards and damage caused by game, storms, hail, lightning and flooding.

As a rule, self-inflicted damage and damage caused by vandalism are not covered.

Comprehensive insurance

With fully comprehensive insurance, you have full protection against all damage to your own car. It covers self-inflicted accidents, vandalism and hit-and-run accidents. Since this insurance cover is also considerably expensive, it can be particularly worthwhile to change the provider in this case.

No-claims classes

For both liability and fully comprehensive insurance, a no-claims bonus is calculated on the basis of so-called no-claims classes (SF). Depending on how many years you have been on the road without an accident, or. If you have not reported any damage to your insurance company, you will be placed in an SF class. The higher the no-claims class, the higher the no-claims discount.

After an insurance claim, you will be downgraded by your insurance company for the next insurance year and your insurance premium will increase. If you were wondering why it would make sense to change insurers after a reported claim (one of the reasons for cancellation above), you now have the answer.

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