Checklist for the car trip with the dog – what you should pay attention to

Checklist for the car trip with the dog - what you should pay attention to

the first trip with your four-legged friend is always an exciting affair.

It doesn’t matter if you want to travel to st. peter-ording with your dog or if you are planning a vacation with your dog in italy: whenever a trip with your animal family member is planned, there are some aspects you should consider regarding the car journey.

Whether autumn, winter, spring or summer – travel is popular all around and most dog people naturally prefer to have their four-legged friends with them on vacation as well. With our checklist, nothing stands in the way of a relaxed car ride with your four-legged friend.

The right protection for the dog in the car

The most important thing is to transport the dog safely in the car. You have various options for this:

  1. The dog sits in the back seat and is strapped in with an appropriate dog safety belt
  2. The dog is placed in a transport box
  3. The dog rides in the trunk, which is separated from the driver’s compartment by a special car partition grille

Most car drivers with dogs prefer the last option, because it is the most comfortable for the dog. For example, the car partition grids from kleinmetall are easy to install and have a modern design. They not only secure your four-legged friend in the best possible way, but also protect the car at the same time, because they do not rub off and no drilling is necessary.

Sufficient breaks are mandatory

Just like a trip with children, a long car journey with a dog needs to be well planned. This also means taking the time for sufficient breaks. How often you should stop depends on your four-legged friend. Some dogs get restless after only half an hour in the car, so you should take breaks accordingly often. Other furry noses are quite relaxed when driving a car. Even then, it makes sense to stop every two to three hours for a rest, so that man and beast can stretch their legs and recharge their batteries. Attention: even if you just have to go to the toilet, you must not leave your dog alone in the car in hot weather!

Avoiding too long car journeys

Also, try to avoid long car trips. If you want or have to travel long distances by car, it is a good idea to have an overnight stop in a dog-friendly hotel or in a pension. You should not drive more than ten hours a day, because that would be too much stress – both for you and for your animal companion.

Food and water must be provided

Of course, it should also be ensured that your dog always has water available during the car ride. For this purpose, there are special travel bowls and travel bottles that prevent spilling or overflowing of the water. A food bowl should also be handy in the footwell so that you can offer your dog a snack during breaks. However, the dog should only be given small amounts during the journey so that he does not throw up.

Be prepared for travel sickness

Some dogs can’t stand driving and suffer from the same symptoms as people with motion sickness. In the worst case, the four-legged friend becomes so nauseous that he vomits. If you know that your dog reacts to car rides with nausea, you should seek advice from your veterinarian in advance so that you have soothing medication on hand in case of emergency.

Have a lot of understanding and patience

With good preparation, you create the ideal conditions for the car journey with your animal family member to run smoothly as far as possible. However, you will need a lot of understanding and patience on all car journeys with your dog. Be prepared to take more breaks than when traveling without your dog and be understanding if your dog reacts with stress. You should also show understanding towards your fellow human beings if they are afraid of your dog at the rest area.

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Many thanks ☺️ super explained and will take everything to heart for my car trip for my dog ☺️

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Great advice.
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