Checklist photo book

Checklist Photobook

You just returned from your city trip to Paris and you want Eiffel Tower, Louvre & Co. perpetuate in a beautiful photo book? Are you planning a colorful children‘s birthday party with many little guests and want to document this event in a happy photo book? Or are you about to create a birthday present in the form of an original photo book that will surprise your best friend? Do you have all the pictures together and do you know how long the production lasts? Use the following rough checklist to make your photo book a complete success:

Formulate photobook topic

The more specific you formulate the topic for your photo book, the easier it will be for you to select the photos and the appropriate backgrounds. So vague directions like “family album” or “Christmas party” are too general and let you digress from the topic while editing. Better would be “garden party with Uncle Karl” or “Christmas 2008”.

Check dates

You should plan gifts with care, so that you do not receive your photo book at the last minute. Would you like to give away your photo book as a Christmas present? Then it’s best to set a schedule as petty as it sounds. Compare with the different providers, who needed how long to create which photo books, and how much time the delivery takes. Just before Christmas, printing presses are in full swing at the manufacturers, which means that they should take a few more days into account. Calculate regularly with an average of two, better three weeks from the day of your order to the day of delivery.

Select photos

Now comes the most important thing: the photos. Even if you already have an idea of ​​what shots you use for your photo book, you should check their quality again. Is the resolution ok? Are colors, contrasts and composition correct? If you discover in your selection photos that appear synonymous only slightly blurred or blurred, but a beautiful motive: out with it! Because a technically imperfect image can spoil the overall impression.

Determine layout and compare prices

Now comparisons are announced again and this time the prices are on the line. You now have to worry about the size, page number, layout and binding of your photo book. In this regard, you will find in the online stores for photo products before a wide range, because what is included in the one supplier is charged additionally at the other shop. There are also differences in terms of the quality of the photo paper used. Find out about any special designs offered if you value higher quality workmanship. Worthwhile is also a price discount in terms of shipping costs.

Photo Book Online Editor or Program Download

Whether you are editing your photo book online or downloading the editing software offered by the shops mostly free of charge, depends on your personal preferences. If you are experienced in the design of photo books, it is enough if you create your work online. If you need a little more practice, it will not hurt if you download the program. The advantage of online editing is that you always use the latest software and that you are faster.

Insert photos and texts

Once you’ve decided whether to create your photo book offline or online, design the backgrounds, load all the photos into the program’s outline, and gradually drag them to the right place. Some pictures do not fit immediately into the given frames and are cut off at the edges. Then you have to re-edit and trim the pictures. Afterwards you can provide the photos with accompanying texts, because appropriate comments make a photo book a living event.

Order last check and photo book

Finally, check to see if all the photos are consistent with your rigorous quality checks, if the text is accurate, and if the photo book would please your friends and relatives as well. Because this criterion is important if you want to give the book away. Use the opportunity to share your saved photo book online with other users.

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