Chicobag – reusable bags made from recycled PET bottles

ChicoBag – reusable bags made from recycled PET bottles

Bags to reduce the garbage!

I met the company ChicoBag at the Veggieworld 2016 in Dusseldorf (you know that, if you have read my report &# 128521; ). It recycles old PET bottles and returns them as useful bags in any form in the consumer cycle.

I think the idea really great with the help of bags to reduce the plastic garbage. That’s why I am writing a very special article about ChicoBag. With my work, I want to support such projects and products more and more in the future, so that they will be given to a broad audience. Sustainability, ecological thinking and green innovations have to be pushed, in my opinion, as well as the vegetable / vegan lifestyle!

The company philosophy of ChicoBag

The company ChicoBag is committed to making the earth a better place where our children can still live well. Their contribution is to recycle used PET bottles and return them to the consumer cycle as useful bags. This is to ensure that as much of the plastic waste as possible is used and that it does not get into the oceans and nature.

In order to make people aware of the plastic bag Müllberg, the company owner of ChicoBag invented the plastic bag monster. The plastic bags monster moves through the country with funny actions that address the problem of the growing plastic garbage mountain. At you can see where the monster is doing its (UN) being.

Which products makes ChicoBag so special ?

The company ChicoBag has a large selection of great bags on, the list goes from bottle bags on shopping bags, travel bags to snack bags. The bags have cool colors and the design looks high-quality. The special thing about all bags (apart from the recycled PET bottles) is that each one small “side bag” on the pockets serves to make them smaller in size. This gives you the advantage that you can always take the ChicoBags with you everywhere to save space. The small, made of recycled aluminum, snap hook, which hangs on all pockets, makes it possible to cling the bags everywhere. By the way, they are all ultralight.

I have chosen three different bags that I have tested and would like to introduce here:

The travel pack

The Travelpack is a super-light backpack with a great format, it fit even DIN A -Heftmappen. There is a main subject that includes a minor subject to the back. In front of it is another small compartment that is not only suitable for a wallet, but also to make the entire empty backpack disappear into it, so that you only have a small package in front of you. The Travelpack is machine washable. The backpack straps are breathable and lightly padded, and there is also a practical chest strap.

My conclusion for the Travelpack:

I think the travel pack is really cool! I really like the appearance and the presentation and the wearing comfort is great! I find it particularly practical that you can make the ChicoBag travel pack so small and take it everywhere without taking up much space! The only thing I ask myself is how long such a backpack will last. Due to the ultra-light material, it looks a bit “thin-skinned”, which does not mean that it is not robust – I will report how he made use of it for a few weeks.

The VeggieBags

The VeggieBags are available in 3 different sizes S, M & L- I have the biggest variant – L. If you buy the VeggieBags, you get three bags that you can pull with a drawstring. In addition, you get a small bag separately, which serves to stow the bags there, if they are not filled. So you have packed them to save space and can easily take them anywhere, with the snap hook you can easily clip the bag to another bag – the bag is bright red and reminds me something of a strawberry :-).

Of the three bags are two made of recycled PET and have the color green (one of them has a nylon front “window”) and one is made of hemp and beige- the format is the same for all (so you can not three differently sized bags in one Order packing – maybe that will change &# 128521; ). In the size L, a bag is about 2 times as large as a DIN A4 sheet. The seams are sewn twice and make a stable impression – 2-3 kg of apples keep them loose.

My conclusion to the VeggieBags:

I’m glad to finally have found a good solution to buy my fruits and vegetables packaged well. For environmental reasons, I never take plastic bags for weighing. Usually I have bought everything loose, but with 3 kg of apples weighing is sometimes difficult … And paper bags are somehow just a lazy compromise for me.

The reusable VeggieBags are great and I’m very thankful that they finally exist! Absolute buy recommendation for those who want to avoid garbage! (The condition is, of course, that you buy at a (organic) supermarket, where most is offered loose and is not already packed in plastic!

Snack bags

Juhuu, I also think this invention is really great and I have long been in love with it, me zuzulegen. Now they are finally in front of me :-))).

The SnackBags, which are actually called SnackTime, not only look pretty, but are resistant to water and dirt. They can be easily cleaned with a sponge (I’ve tried it) or in the washing machine. They are made of 78% recycled material and you can vary their size so they are easy to stow everywhere. If you fold them small, they are slightly larger than a postcard and if you leave them unfolded, then the area theoretically doubles – but the snack bag is cut diagonally, so that their area is not quite on 2 postcards. But there is enough space for a big cuddle &# 128578; or other goodies. Close the SnackBag with two Velcro straps.

My conclusion for the SnackBags:

A great invention and absolute recommendation! Especially good for teenagers who love buttered cans totally uncool :-). Of course, also for those who like to take their cots home, in the office, for hiking or anywhere ;-). In addition, the SnackTime bags are a great alternative for those who want to get away from the space-consuming plastic cans. Practical, garbage-avoiding and garbage-reducing ;-).

Finally, I would like to say that I find it absolutely sensible to integrate reusable containers (of whatever form) into their lives and to focus on waste prevention strategies. If you can even reduce waste by using recycled products, such as the company Chicobag produces, then I can only wholeheartedly recommend and support.

Many thanks to Sebastian and the company ChicoBag, who kindly provided the three presented products to me!

I look forward to your feedback in the comments!

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