Child allowance 2013

Not everyone is entitled to a child supplement

The child supplement 2013 has been in effect since the introduction of the Hartz IV law in 2005 and also acts as a hedge against it.

It is intended for families who can support their children from their own income, but not the maintenance of their children.

The child allowance is also part of the Federal Child Allowance Act and is therefore also referred to as the child allowance. In principle, single parents with a gross monthly income of over 600 euros are entitled; for families: 900. The application is inadmissible if this minimum income plus the child allowance of 140 euros per child exceeds the so-called upper limit, which can be the case for a corresponding number of children. The upper income limit is decided individually.

[sws_green_box box_size = ”640 ″] There is no entitlement even if the child’s income from maintenance payments exceeds the amount. [/ Sws_green_box]

As long as there is a difference between the upper limit and the minimum income, the child supplement is granted in this amount. Half of the excess amount of income compared to the amount entitling to Hartz IV benefit is taken into account. Until September 2008 it was 70%.

Education Package – Trouble Only

No child supplement in 2013 for Hartz IV benefits

The family funds of the Federal Employment Agency, which also pay out, process and check child benefit, are responsible for processing applications and payments.

What was limited to a maximum of three years until the change in the regulations in September 2008 can since then be granted indefinitely. ALG II recipients are not entitled to this.

If granted, the benefit is counted as income and deducted in full. If the family income is below the standard rates for receiving unemployment benefit I, there is also no entitlement to the child supplement, but there are benefits under ALG II. The entitlement to child supplement is also inadmissible when drawing social benefit. In January the Schleswig-Holstein Finance Court ruled that homosexual communities are at a disadvantage compared to families when it comes to the right to child benefit.

The education package – how it arrives in Hamm?

In the present case, this also applies to children from previous relationships. However, the intended revision at the Federal Fiscal Court is permissible.

Child allowance 2013 for employees

Under certain conditions, unmarried children up to the age of 25 are entitled to the 2013 child supplement if they live in the parents’ household.

The entitlement to continued payment of child benefit does not apply if the transition between two training periods or from training to military service exceeds the period of four months.

In its judgment of February 2012, the Federal Finance Court saw no violation of the provisions of the Basic Law in this regulation. Until the increase in child benefit in 1996, child allowances had an impact on the deduction of wage tax. High-earning parents benefited more than others. The intention to remove this social injustice raised a new problem.

Large families have an advantage

children rich Familys there was an opportunity to finance their living without wages. An important principle is to ensure that working people do not impoverish through their child maintenance obligations.

However, trying to drive government support by as large a number of children as possible to unacceptable levels contradicts this intention. Child allowances are still taken into account when it comes to setting church tax and the solidarity surcharge.

In the past, employers were legally obliged to pay child benefit to their employees after six years of service if they received a certificate from the Familienkasse were able to present and the company headquarters was in Germany. In companies with fewer than 50 employees, exemption from this rule was possible on request from the employment office. If it was approved, the family office of the employment office was again obliged to pay out. This regulation was changed in early 1999.
Round table on the educational package on November 2nd, 2011 in Berlin


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