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Families with children always highly appreciate the financial support from the state and can thus improve their often tight budget. In addition to child benefit, there is also the child supplement, which must be differentiated from it. Child benefit is generally paid for all minors and adults in education, while the child supplement is aimed exclusively at families with low incomes and offers them tax compensation.

The purpose of the child supplement is to relieve families with low incomes. Parents who can earn their own living through their working income, but not their offspring, are thus financially relieved from the child supplement. Accordingly, the family has more money at their disposal that they can use to support themselves. For families who have to pay a lot of money, the child supplement has been a further social benefit since 2005, which benefits them. Parents who have only a low income are therefore well advised to deal extensively with the child supplement.

The right to a child supplement

The first question is who is entitled to the child allowance and under what conditions this is granted. The child supplement is only paid for unmarried children under the age of 25 who live in the parental household. In addition, the parallel receipt of child benefit or a comparable benefit is mandatory. Since the child supplement was created as a social benefit for families with low income, the gross income must not exceed the maximum income limit.

This results from the total needs of the parents, which is based on a complex calculation. The standard requirement according to SGB II serves as a basis. In principle there is no child allowance if the gross income plus child allowance exceeds the total needs of the parents. However, it is surprising that the parents’ income must also have a minimum amount in order to be able to receive the child supplement.

For single parents, the gross income must be at least 600 euros per month, while parents must have a gross income of at least 900 euros per month.

Exclusion of the child supplement for SGB-II benefits

If this is not the case, there is no child supplement. This is due to the fact that the purchase of services after this Second Social Code categorically excludes the child supplement. Together with the child supplement, there must be so much income that there is no entitlement to unemployment benefit II or social benefits.

The amount of the child supplement

Again and again the question arises as to how high the child surcharge is, if you are entitled to it. The concrete amount is always calculated individually and depends on the financial circumstances of the parent applying, its partner and the children. The income situation of the entire family is thus considered. The child supplement can then be a maximum of 170 euros.

Reduction of the child supplement

Anyone who can increase their income by 100 euros must therefore expect the surcharge to be reduced by 50 euros. An inappropriately large property or assets that exceed the maximum amount of 10,050 euros or an adequate pension plan of a maximum of around 50,000 euros also reduce or exclude the child supplement.

Apply for child supplement

The child supplement is only granted on application and, in the case of a claim, is paid from the month of the application. A retroactive payment is accordingly not possible. In addition, it should be noted that the child allowance is only granted for six months and therefore a new application is pending every six months. This must then be submitted to the locally responsible family fund using the relevant form.

The latter then processes the application and reviews it, taking into account Section 6a of the Federal Child Benefits Act in conjunction with Section 28 SGB X. Since the subscription period is only six months, a new application is always required. Should the income situation change in the meantime, parents should however immediately report to the family fund and report this. Otherwise, you risk a later repayment, which can sometimes lead to financial bottlenecks and tear a real hole in the family budget.

While child benefit is well known to families in the Federal Republic of Germany, the child supplement is not as widespread. People who are starting their own family in this country should also know about the child allowance, because this is sometimes due to them and may be able to save them from an SGB-II connection.


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