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The number for telephone health advice: Call 1450 (without area code from all networks) to receive recommendations on the phone about what you can do best if your health or that of your loved ones suddenly becomes worrying.

Child and adolescent psychiatry

Child and adolescent psychiatry includes the detection, treatment, prevention, rehabilitation and assessment of mental, psychosomatic and development-related diseases or disorders as well as psychological and social abnormalities in childhood and adolescence. (Austrian Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry)


T +43 (0) 5522 403-5100
F +43 (0) 5522 403-6526

Mon to Fri from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Emergencies: T +43 (0) 5522 403

Address LKH Rankweil

Valduna Street 16
A-6830 Rankweil

visiting hours

Wed, Sat, Sun and on public holidays from

In the acute ward, the visit time is discussed individually depending on the child’s / adolescent’s condition. If you have special requests for visiting times, please contact the respective stations.

Outpatient clinics for child and adolescent psychiatry

Here you will find the outpatient departments of the department with the necessary organizational information.


Our picture gallery gives you an impression of our everyday work, our team and the technical equipment of our department.


The services offered include a variety of therapeutic measures .


The department offers inpatient, semi-inpatient and day clinic care at various locations.

Information for patients

The length of stay varies from a few days (crisis intervention) to several weeks or months (rehabilitation for serious mental illnesses) and depends on the illness, depending on the possible transition to an outpatient treatment process.

The adolescent psychiatric department is located in its own building at the Rankweil Regional Hospital and comprises ten fully inpatient and currently four semi-inpatient treatment places. In the acute area there are two places for young people and two places for children. The openly guided station is suitable for children and young people.

The child psychiatric department is located in the Ringstrasse in Rankweil with a total of ten beds.

The rural surroundings of the LKH Rankweil offer numerous opportunities for social pedagogical and everyday practical group therapies. Furthermore, the spatial proximity to the main building of the LKH Rankweil allows the rapid use of the entire medical offer.

The Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the LKHR works closely with outpatient services (aks, pro mente, etc.) and inpatient facilities (Jupident, VoKi, etc.). This makes it possible to provide children and adolescents with optimal treatment options for their individual needs.


Access to child and adolescent psychiatry is usually through the presentation of children / adolescents in the LKHR outpatient clinic. In acute cases, the official doctor may also give instructions.

The outpatient department at the LKHR is designed as a primary outpatient department (preparation for inpatient admissions), aftercare outpatient department (transition to extramural outpatient treatment) and as an emergency outpatient department.


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