Child at the dentist – all information about the first visit to the dentist

The child at the dentist: How to prepare your child for the first visit to the dentist

For healthy teeth, it is important that even small children get used to visiting the dentist at an early age. You should get a positive impression of your visit to the dentist right from the start and learn that regular checks are a matter of course that you shouldn’t be afraid of.

1. Preparation

You can prepare your child for a visit to the dentist with an informative discussion.

In preparation for your first appointment, it can help to deal with the dentist beforehand, for example with a picture book or by telling stories. You can also take your child with you on your own care appointment. As long as you are not due for treatment, this can be a good opportunity to get to know the dentist as something completely normal. As a rule, dentists are also prepared to show children their practice, the various devices or the dental chair that can be used to drive up and down. This way you can get to know the unfamiliar surroundings in a playful way. You can use your child’s curiosity and you may find that your child also finds the many different devices very exciting.

2. The first own preventive appointment

Take care of an appointment with the dentist as early as possible.

After the first milk teeth break, you can also make an appointment for your child to have your own. You should definitely make the first appointment with your child before the appearance of the first caries. Because the goal of your first personal check-up is to get used to the dentist’s check-up. Your child should realize that there is no reason to be afraid of this treatment. This is easier if you just take a look.

You should try not to transfer your own fears about the dentist to the child. You can explain to your child what a dentist does, why preventive care is important and should answer questions honestly. False promises such as "it will only be looked up" when treatment is actually pending are not helpful for children. You shouldn’t threaten your dentist if your child doesn’t feel like brushing teeth at home.

3. Fear of the dentist – what now?

Coercion is the wrong way.

If your child still gets scared at the first visit and doesn’t want to open his mouth, then you should take this seriously and don’t force your child. It can help if older siblings serve as role models. Let yourself be examined first without something bad happening, your child may change your mind. Maybe the teddy can be examined first. Otherwise, it may be enough if your child is just sitting on the treatment chair and you make a new appointment to come back in peace.

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