Child benefit 2020: amount, request child benefit, child benefit surcharge

Read all the facts about child benefit 2020, child benefit application, child benefit amount and child benefit surcharge: Who is entitled? When do you pay? What can the child earn??

The most important:

    194 eurosper month you get for the first and second child up to the age of 25. From July 2019, child benefit will increase to 204 euros , € 210 for the third child and € 235 for each additional child. Requirement: You live in Germany and have custody of the child. For 1 person only: Child benefit can only be paid to one person at a time. In the case of a cheaper check Entsche >backdated From 2018, you can only apply for child benefit for the past 6 months.

Important: You should do this:

  1. As a low earner you can apply for an additional child supplement of 170 euros per child.
  2. Submit the child benefit application before birth, so you get the money paid out earlier.
  3. After high school graduation your child must be registered for training or looking for work.
  4. In initial training your child can earn an unlimited amount.
  5. During the second course a job with up to 20 hours / week is allowed.

Child benefit what is it?

Until the 18th birthday of your child have so far been yours 194 euros child benefit monthly to. From July 2019, child benefit will increase to 204 euros for the first two children. For the third child you will receive 210 euros per month and 235 euros for each additional child. In some cases, even up to the age of 25 paid. Real and adoptive parents and foster parents who live in Germany and have custody of the child are entitled to child benefit. A transfer of child benefit to the other parent or step and grandparents is possible under certain circumstances. Child benefit can be paid in Contrast to the child allowance, always only one person be paid out.

On application At the family fund, parents receive child benefit for the children every month. At the end of the year, Tax office in a rate test determined whether a child tax allowance could achieve better tax savings. The cheaper option is preferred, the difference between income tax savings and child benefit paid out is reimbursed by the tax office.

Child benefit amount – child benefit 2019

The Family Relief Act provides for tax relief for families from July 2019. Child benefit is increased to 204 euros for the first and second child. The third child is supported with 210 euros and each additional child with 235 euros.

Child benefit monthly 2016 2017 2018 From 1.7. 2019
1 child 190 192 194 204
2nd child 190 192 194 204
3rd child 196 198 200 210
from 4th child 221 223 225 235

Child Benefit Supplement

low income can add an extra Child allowance for subsistence apply to the family fund. The child supplement has been since January 1st 2017 per month 170 euros per child.

You will receive this surcharge if

  • the children at home live if
  • child benefit to them is entitled and if
  • They do not finance their children’s livelihood can and
  • Your income is higher than 600 euros for single parents, or 900 euros for married couples lies. The income from gross wages, unemployment benefit 1 or sickness benefit is taken into account. This does not include child benefit or Harz IV (unemployment benefit 2)!

How can I apply for child benefit??

Make that Child benefit application to the family fund, which can be found in the responsible employment agency. You are in the public sector active, submit the child benefit application directly by your employer.

The Child Benefit Supplement you have to go to the family fund apply separately. A retroactive additional payment for the child benefit surcharge is not possible.

When should I apply for child benefit??

You can do that Application before the birth of the child put. The application only becomes effective when the child’s birth certificate is submitted. However, the earlier you submit your application, the sooner get yours money transferred.

Important: From January 1, 2018, parents can receive child benefit retrospectively only for the past six months apply for.

What do I need for the child benefit application??

In order to be able to apply for child benefit, you must give the family tax ID of the applicant and of her child report. The number was communicated to them by the Federal Central Tax Office after the child was born. If the number not found , you can find the tax ID at request.

Important: Checklist: documents for the child benefit application

  • Birth certificate of the child
  • Tax ID of the applicant and their child
  • School or training certificate for adult children
  • certificate of registration for children in college
  • disability card for children with disabilities

Forms for applying for child benefit

  • Application for child benefit (child benefit application) ->
  • Child Benefit Supplement ->

When is the child benefit paid??

It usually takes time to process the application 1 to 1.5 months.

The child benefit is paid for each month, by doing for at least a day of the month the requirements were fulfilled. For example, if your child was born on April 30, you will receive child benefit for the entire month of April. The money will also retrospectively paid.

Child benefit payment dates

The monthly payment dates for child benefit are based on the last digit of the child benefit number. If your child benefit number ends with a "1", your child benefit will be paid at the beginning of the month, the end number "9" will be sent to you at the end of the month.

Child benefit postpay

Apply for child benefit retrospectively at the family fund if the tax office determined during the annual financial statements that the Child benefit would be cheaper and the child allowance therefore does not start. Otherwise you would lose the child benefit entirely!

You can use the child benefit retrospectively for the last four years and the current year apply for.

Who is entitled to child benefit?

Child benefit is only given to people who have custody and one residence or their habitual residence in Germany have and meet these requirements:

Physical parents and adoptive parents

You will receive child benefit if you have to maintain the child. As Parents with shared household, you have to make a decision about who gets child benefit from you.

Parents (physical and adoptive)

If the other parent:

  • died
  • lives abroad
  • is not known
  • his stay is unknown
  • at least 75 percent of the maintenance obligation is not met.

Foster parents

The child has to live permanently in the household.

Grandparents and step-parents

The grandparents and step-parents must be dependent on the child and live the child permanently in their household.

What are counting children?

If you have children from a previous relationship, you can use them as "counting children". Even if you don’t get child benefit for them, you may get more money for the younger children.

Child benefit age limit

Children up to 18 years

All children under the age of 18 are considered

Children from 18 to 25 years

Child benefit for students and in training

You will receive child benefit for a child if:

  • the child one Vocational training, studies, federal voluntary service or completed the international youth volunteer service.
  • the child in one maximum 4 months long transition period between two training cuts located. Your child must prove that it is unemployed.

Child benefit after graduation

If your child has not yet found an apprenticeship position, it must be registered as Education seeker report to the employment agency. Only in this case will you be entitled to child benefit / child allowance. If your child as looking for work is reported, it has to Repeat the message every three months. Otherwise you lose the right to child benefit / child allowance.

Tip: au pair with language course

If your child wants to consolidate her language skills as an au pair after completing school abroad, child benefit is not paid. But visit your child at least 10 hours a week one language course, it will be recognized as vocational training and the child benefit will continue to be paid.

What can you earn with child benefit??

During the training is the weekly working time not limited.

In a second training or one second degree is a Job with up to 20 hours / week allowed. Likewise a marginal employment relationship or training service relationship.

Child benefit for self-employed children

A child who is registered as unemployed may pursue self-employment for 15 hours a week without losing the right to child benefit. It also applies if the earnings limit for mini-jobbers of 450 euros is not exceeded (BFH, judgment of 18.12.2014 – III R 9/14; published on 13.5.2015).

Child benefit for bdisabled children from 18 years

Child benefit for disabled children aged 18 and over if:

  • First, the child is of legal age and unable to support themselves financially. In addition, the disability is before his 25th. Year of life occurred.
  • Or if the adult child so severely mentally disabled is that he has a level of development underage person. The prerequisite is the recognition of a foster child relationship consisting of a supervisory, childcare and parenting relationship (such as between parents and their biological children).

You have to state child benefit in the tax return?

Only those who submit a tax return, has the chance of one Comparative calculation with child allowance. When filing the tax return, the tax office checks whether the child allowances or child allowance are tax-friendly. The tax office then reimburses the difference. The Child benefit is calculated this way, that at about 95 percent of taxpayers no difference compensation is necessary.

For their children who under 14 years old, you can claim up to 6,000 euros a year for tax purposes. Two thirds of it, so maximum 4,000 euros become as special editions and take tax savings for you.

Child benefit or child allowance – income limit

At the end of the year, the tax office asks what is known as tax relief, which is more advantageous. You can roughly assume that the child allowance for a taxable income of

  • approx. 33,500 euros for single people
  • about 63,500 euros for married people

child benefit is cheaper.

You can also use the tax rate to determine where the limit is. The child allowances are cheaper than the child benefit from this marginal tax rate:

Child allowances are cheaper than child benefit Marginal tax rate
1 child 31.5%
2nd child 31.5%
3rd child 32.5%
from 4th child 36.6%

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