Child benefit claim: how do I apply for child benefit?

Child benefit claim: How do I apply for child benefit??

The child allowance is intended to support the parents financially. State benefits are available to everyone, including one Child support request surrenders and meets the requirements. The permit is valid for all parents from the day of the birth of the child. This claim is normally valid until the age of 18 and beyond. Child benefits can be granted up to the age of 25 if the child is undergoing training, attending school or studying. The child may not yet have a degree to be eligible for the benefit. But how can I apply for child benefit??

Expiry of the permit

If the first study has already been completed and a child begins a second study, it immediately loses the right to child benefit. It does not matter whether a child benefit application has been submitted or not. If a child has just visited a school and is still looking for a suitable place to study or an apprenticeship, then it still has the right to state benefits. After the age of 25, an application for child benefit can still be allowed. To do so, a child must credibly assure that it is seriously trying to obtain a place of study or apprenticeship. This can be proven, for example, by written applications or cancellations received. Unemployed children can receive benefits up to the age of 21 without conditions if a child benefit application is submitted. If a child does not seriously seek a place of study or apprenticeship, an extension is not possible. How do I apply for child benefit and where do you get the application form from?

Child money application from where?

The Child support application takes place via the responsible family fund. This is usually found in the building of the responsible employment agency. The application for child benefit is gladly put online today. On the page of the Employment Agency there are the corresponding online forms for it. “Fast & directly “promises the portal and offers the various options for newborn children, adult children or children who live with their families abroad. An application without Internet via the forms, which are available from the relevant family funds.

❗ This is best done at the end of the pregnancy.

A child benefit application must always be completed completely and truthfully

The child benefit application will be submitted via an application form and a birth certificate. The form is available at the local family fund. The Employment Agency can provide information about which family fund is responsible for applying for child benefit. The child benefit form can be downloaded from the family fund website. This child benefit application can be filled in on the PC or printed out and completed by hand. Once the child allowance application has been completed, it must be signed and submitted to the child benefit fund. This is done either personally, by mail or by fax.

  1. In the first part of the application for child benefit, the applicant’s personal details are requested. Applicants may be the parents or other guardians.
  2. In the next part, the personal details of the spouse are entered.
  3. Finally, the payment terms are set. Here, the bank details of the applicant can be stored in the form.

For the child allowance application, all parents will receive an additional form. Here are the instructions on the correct completion of the child benefit application. This is especially helpful if it is the first child.

An application for child benefit can be made even before the birth

The child benefit application requires the written form of the application in accordance with § 67 EstG. As a rule, the processing takes between 1 and 1.5 months. In order to reduce the processing time and to receive the child benefit as soon as possible, the application for child benefit should be submitted on time. This can even be submitted before the birth. The birth certificate can be submitted later. Of course, it is effective only from birth. The child benefit is always granted for the month in which the child was born. This means that if a child on 31.05. is born, the parents receive full child benefit for the entire month.

Child benefit increases are always automatically adjusted without requiring a new application. As an additional prerequisite for the purchase, from 01.01.2016 the tax identification number of the child allowee and the children must be indicated for new applications. If the data is not yet available to the Office, the child benefit payment will not be suspended. The responsible family funds contact the affected families during the year and ask them to complete the form as quickly as possible.

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