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Child benefit has a long tradition in Germany: Parents have received financial support since 1936. Nowadays, parents receive at least 190 euros per month from the first child. Under certain conditions, the benefit is paid for a few years even for children of legal age.

On July 1, 2019 it was time again: the child benefit was increased. Since then, the monthly benefit has been:

1st child: 204 euros
2nd child: 204 euros
3rd child: 210 euros
from the 4th child: 235 euros 1

All parents who live in Germany and are subject to income tax are entitled to child benefit. However, the amount of income is irrelevant. All families receive the same amount. The relationship and the circumstances of the child’s life are important for the application.

Conditions for child benefit

The children do not have to live in Germany like their parents, but can also live in a member state of the European Union or the European Economic Area.

However, the child must be related to the applicant parent in the first degree. It is irrelevant whether it is real or adopted Children acts.

Child benefit for a child is only ever given to one person paid. Both parents live with the Child together, they can determine who gets it. Otherwise, the child benefit is paid to the person who pays the child the higher cash maintenance.

Orphans or children who do not know where their parents live can apply for child benefit for themselves.

How long do you get child benefit? Duration of support

Basically, child benefit until the age of majority paid, until the child is 18 years old. An extension up to the age of 25 can be requested if the child is in training.

The subsidy is paid for unemployed children up to the age of 21.

Child benefit duration: Entitlement despite income of an adult child

Until 2012, children in education had an income limit of 8,130 euros per year. If the child’s annual earnings exceeded this amount, the child benefit had to be paid Completely be repaid. This income limit is now no longer applicable.

However, apply to children in the second or third Vocational training are new criteria for employment:

A distinction is made between harmful and harmless employment relationships. Income from work over 20 hours a week can be considered harmful. The child benefit payment can be stopped.

Vocational training according to the Vocational Training Act, an internship or a traineeship is generally harmless. A legal traineeship, work as an au pair or a year of recognition (e.g. as an educator) are also not problematic. Income from rentals and capital assets are also classified as harmless.

Apply for child benefit: Here’s how

The child benefit is paid by the family fund in whose district you live. There you also submit your application. The Federal Employment Agency provides the form for the child benefit application online. However, it must be printed out and signed, as the child benefit to apply in writing is. The application can only be made after the birth of a child.

Whoever receives child benefit has henceforth an obligation to inform the family fund. If conditions change that are relevant for child benefit, you must notify this immediately. This is the case, for example, if the parents separate or there is a move abroad.

If you no longer have the number at hand, you can request it from the Federal Central Tax Office.


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