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Attention, families and couples with children or single parents can now benefit from state subsidy for homeowners when buying a Schwörer house. The child benefit supports families in acquiring home ownership of up to EUR 12,000 per child. It is pocket money for families with the aim of building home ownership.

You can find out who is supported, how to register the construction child benefit, and further information about the construction child benefit from your local construction consultant.

Child benefit – the most important facts

  • You will receive a grant of 12,000 euros per child for 1,200 euros for 10 years.
  • Families and unmarried couples with children and single parents with a household income of max. 90,000 euros for one child plus 15,000 euros for each additional child.
  • The first acquisition is promoted, i.e. the first purchase or new construction of owner-occupied residential property in Germany.
  • The building child allowance can be applied for by builders who signed their purchase contract or received the building permit on 01.01.2018 at the earliest.
  • You can also apply for the child benefit retrospectively

    The child benefit can be registered retrospectively with the KfW bank on 01.01.2018. That If you have moved into your new home this year, you can apply for the child benefit since September 18, 2018. After the deadline, the registration must be received within three months. Whether you receive construction child benefit depends on your situation on the day you apply. You will not receive a construction child benefit for children born after the application has been submitted.

    The most important questions about child benefit

    Who is funded??

    Natural persons with at least one child who are in the time the application has not yet reached the age of 18. Child benefit entitlement is required for this child. Pregnancy is not recognized. It is not important for the applicant whether he / she is a single parent, married or unmarried. The taxable income of the applicants is important. For a child it is 90,000 euros annually. The limit rises by 15,000 euros for each additional child.

    What is funded?

    The first acquisition is promoted, i.e. the first purchase or new construction of owner-occupied residential property in Germany. If the applicant already owns a self-used or rented residential property, child benefit is not possible. Real estate abroad is not taken into account here, so it does not lead to a loss of child benefit. If residential property already exists in Germany, regardless of the type of use (including the rented 30 m² student apartment), the child benefit will be lost.

    How much construction allowance do you get per child?

    You will receive 1,200 euros per child per year for 10 years. That corresponds to a total of 12,000 euros for a child. For a second child, you will receive an additional € 12,000.

    There are restrictions on the number of children?

    The number of children for whom you receive funding can, is not limited. For each additional child you will receive an additional 12,000 euros.

    When can the application be made??

    You can only register child benefit once the applicants have moved in. After that, you have three months to apply for the child benefit. If another child is born within the three months, the child benefit can also be registered for the second child.

    Where do I apply for child benefit??

    You can register the child benefit online via the KfW grant portal. There you will find out whether and how much you will receive.

    Application for child benefit in 2018

    How is household income determined??

    The taxable income of the applicant and, if applicable, of the spouse or partner or marriage-like community counts as household income. The average income of the penultimate and penultimate year before the application is taken into account. For example: For applications from 2018, the income of 2016 and 2015 applies. You can find this in your income tax assessment.

    When is the child benefit paid out??

    Once you have uploaded all the evidence, everything will be checked by the KfW bank. You will then receive a payment confirmation, which can be found in the grant portal. It will inform you about the first payment date. The annual payments are always made on the same date.

    Obtain unmarried couples construction child allowance?

    Yes, families and unmarried couples with children or single parents are supported.

    You receive child benefit for the second property?

    Child benefit is only approved for the first purchase of a house or apartment in which you move in. The purchase of a second property is excluded from the child benefit.

    Special arrangement for Bavaria

    Those who live in Bavaria can count themselves lucky because there is a special regulation here. In Bavaria there is an additional 300 euros per child per year on the Granted for 10 years. In total, that’s 3,000 euros more than families outside of Bavaria. With two children that is 6,000 euros more, etc.

    There is also a new Bavarian homeowner allowance in Bavaria. This is a one-off payment of 10,000 euros, which will be paid out after moving into your new home. Important: Applicants must have lived in Bavaria for at least one year and also be employed in Bavaria. Childless couples can also receive this home allowance, with an income limit of EUR 75,000. For households with one child or more, the income limit is 90,000 euros, as for federal child benefit.

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