Child benefit increase 2019 – more child benefit from july 2019

The federal government has decided to increase child benefit. Good news for all families with children in Germany. There will be a child benefit increase in time for July 1, 2019. But not only the child benefit will be increased in 2019, but also the child allowance and the child supplement.

Child benefit is increased by 10 euros a month

Parents who are entitled to child benefit can look forward to having a little more money in their pockets from the second half of 2019. As of July 1, 2019, child benefit increases by EUR 10 per month for each child. Through the Increase in child benefit The child benefit for the first and second child increases from 194 euros per month to 204 euros per month. For the third child, parents will in future receive 210 euros instead of 200 euros per month. For the fourth and all other children there is 235 euros per month after the child benefit increase. Thus, a family with four children will receive 853 euros child benefit (204 euros + 204 euros + 210 euros + 235 euros) from the family fund every month in the future due to the 2019 child benefit increase. Before the child benefit increase, it was only 813 euros (194 euros + 194 euros + 200 euros + 225 euros) a month. The table below shows the monthly child benefit before and after Increase in child benefit as of July 1, 2019.

child benefit after this July 1, 2019

Child benefit before July 1, 2019

All other children

Child allowance will also increase in 2019

In Germany, parents have the choice of having their family allowances paid out to them every month or paying less tax due to the child allowance. Analogous to Increase in child benefit In 2019, the child allowance will also be adjusted upwards this year. The child allowance will be increased by 192 euros this year. This means that the child allowance in 2019 will rise from EUR 7,428 to EUR 7,620 per child per year for both parents. The child allowance is made up as follows:

2,640 euros for childcare, education and training needs
4,980 euros for the neuter subsistence level of the child

If the parents live separately, half the child allowance is applied to both parents. If he Child tax credit or child benefit is the financially more sensible choice, cannot be said in general, but must always for the individual case can be determined. As part of a budget check, the tax office automatically checks which variant is the financially better alternative for the respective taxpayer.

Child allowance is also increased

Low-income families with children can also receive the child supplement in addition to child benefit. The child supplement will also be increased in 2019. According to the current plans of the black-red government coalition, it is to be raised by 15 euros per child per month. This would increase the maximum amount from 170 euros a month to 185 euros a month. Single parents can also benefit from the fact that future maintenance payments will only be credited proportionately and not in full as before.

Improvements in the education and participation package

In Germany, low-income families with children not only receive financial support through the child allowance, but can also take advantage of the education and participation package. In addition to the higher child allowance, there will also be adjustments to the education and participation package in 2019 to improve the situation of socially disadvantaged families with children. The amount that is made available to socially disadvantaged children as part of the so-called school supplies package for the purchase of school materials is initially to be increased from 100 euros to 150 euros. In the following years, the subsidy from the school supplies package will then be adjusted to the development of the standard rates.

In addition, low-income parents are relieved by the fact that their own shares for lunch in the daycare and school as well as for the student ticket are eliminated. In addition, parents who receive the child supplement do not have to pay any fees the kindergarden pay more. All in all, the federal government is spending around 1.3 billion euros on support measures for socially disadvantaged children and families in the current legislative period.


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