Child benefit increase and less taxes: this will change for families in 2019

Child benefit increase and less taxes: this will change for families in 2019

December 6, 2018 – 9:57 a.m.

Relief for families from 2019

Parents, pay attention – families in Germany are to be financially relieved from 2019. In addition to a child benefit increase and tax relief, families can benefit from further new regulations in 2019. We present an overview of the most important changes.

Child benefit is increasing

From July 1, 2019, families will receive ten euros more child benefit.
For the first and second child then there is 204 euros,
ffor the third 210 euros and
For each additional child 235 euros per month.

The financial freedom that arises from this is manageable – but small cattle are also known to mess up.

Tax relief on the child allowance and increase in the basic allowance

So that families really feel the increase in child benefit in their wallet, the child allowance is increased accordingly. The basic allowance also increases.

The child allowance is a sum set by the state, the parents per Child and Earn a year without having to pay taxes. This sum is deducted retrospectively from the taxable annual income at the end of the year. This child allowance will be increased by 192 euros in 2019 and 2020 – to a total of 7,812 euros.

As a further step, the federal government has decided to gradually increase the basic allowance. The basic allowance is the part of the income on which no income tax has to be paid. The basic allowance is currently 9,000 euros. In 2019 it will be raised to 9,168 euros and in 2020 to 9,408 euros.

According to the federal government, a family with two children and a gross annual income of 60,000 euros in 2019 will pay a total of 251 euros less in taxes than now. With a gross family income of 120,000 euros, the relief is 380 euros per year

More maintenance for children of separation: Adjustment of the Düsseldorf table

Separation children will get more money from their dependent parents from next year: The new Düsseldorf table will come into force on January 1, 2019,

The minimum maintenance for a child up to six years old then increases from 348 to 354 euros.
For boys and girls up to the age of twelve it lies at 406 instead of 399 euros,
for children up to the age of 18 at 476 instead of 467 euros.
The maintenance remains for children of legal age who still live in the household of a parent unchanged at 527 euros.

Child benefit: The dream of your own four walls

The coalition wants to help families with the child benefit so that they can dream of their own four Walls. For your own house or apartment, there should be a grant of 12,000 euros in ten years per child. The taxable income may not exceed 75,000 euros, the children must be under 18 and still live at home.

The construction child benefit is however limited in time, retrospectively from January 1, 2018 to the end of 2020. Here we tell you how to apply for the construction child benefit.

Part-time bridge: the right to return to a full-time job

The part-time bridge should mainly women from the "Part-time event" get: So far, returning to a full-time position for part-time workers has often been almost impossible – that is now set to change. If you only want to shorten your working time for a certain time, you will have the right to return to a full-time position from 2019.

The new part-time bridge applies to all employees who conclude a part-time employment contract from January 1, 2019. Another important requirement: the employee must work in a company with more than 45 employees. Small businesses are not affected by the new regulations and medium-sized companies, i.e. employers with 45 to 200 employees, only have to grant this claim to one out of 15 employees.


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