Child benefit number – personal identification for child benefit

Where can I find the child benefit number for payment?

The personal child benefit number serves to identify parents who look after children in their household and are therefore entitled to child benefit. The number is usually provided by the family fund after approval and applies until the end of the claim period. Therefore, one of the first tasks of freshly baked parents is Application for child benefit from the local family fund. All important Information about We have summarized the KG number in a small overview:

Where can I find the child benefit number?

The KG number is on the first approval notice (Child benefit notice) from the family fund. All the following documents and correspondence from and with the family fund also include the relevant KG number.

Bank statement on transfer

If you ever forget your child benefit number, you can do so on every bank statement of family fund transfers. The abbreviation KG stands for the child benefit number, the number is listed below. A third possibility is that Requesting the KG number at the family fund. You can request this at any time by phone or email.

KG number per child or parent?

Since the Child benefit number for the identification of parents serves, the number may also change if a child changes households. Basically, a household receives the same child benefit number, regardless of whether one, two, three, four or more children live in the household.

Structure of the child benefit number

  • The first three digits are used to assign the family fund.

  • FK stands for "Fixed KG number"
  • The last 6 digits are used for personal assignment.
  • The final digit determines the monthly payment date.

Child benefit number for civil servants

Public service employees do not receive their child benefit number from the local family fund, but must apply for it at their respective service or remuneration office. The employer is also responsible for the payment of child benefit responsible and usually pays this directly with the Salary / pay off.

The amount of the child benefit paid can also be found at the end of the year on line 33 of the beneficiary’s income tax certificate.

Changes to the KG number

The child benefit number can change for different reasons: After one Relocation to a new district the KG number is issued by a new office and thus changes. Do you want these change monthly payment dates leave, you can request that the last digit be changed at the family benefits office.

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