Child benefit – own apartment: claims after moving out

Parents or children: who is entitled to child benefit?

One might think that the child benefit is due to the children – but is not true. The parents are legally entitled to child benefit, who should use it as support to look after your offspring. This legal claim does not change even if the child moves out of home and now has his own apartment. As a rule, it is still the parents who receive child benefit from the state – and who still have to use it for their children.

Most parents are also subject to maintenance, d. H. they have to support the children who have moved out – either as cash (money) or in kind (food and lodging). Child benefit is offset against this maintenance claim.

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Own apartment during your studies or training: who gets child benefit?

At the latest when your child is of legal age and for one The study place moves far away, the question arises: Who actually gets child benefit? After all, the offspring must now take care of themselves and z. B. rent for one own flat pay – often impossible without parental support. If the offspring educated and under 25 the state pays you full child benefit out. Currently, that’s 194 euros for the first two children and a little more for others siblings. Everything that Junior needs, you have to finance yourself.

How much maintenance does my child get during my studies??

Which parent receives child benefit depends on who pays the child the highest cash support. This is of course not a problem for parents living together, but rather for those who live separately. So that no disputes arise here, you should always report the move out of your parents’ apartment to the responsible family fund. It calculates who has to pay how much maintenance based on the income of the parents. The child benefit is then paid to them accordingly, who is more involved in training young people. This doesn’t necessarily happen automatically; you may have to apply if the other parent has previously received child benefit.

Second training and additional earnings: When is there no more child benefit??

The student goes for his academic education – but the trainee earns his own money. Is there still a right to child benefit if the child is of legal age, moves to his own apartment and receives a training salary? Yes, the claim remains. Why? Because he is with a child in the first education up to the 25th birthday always exists, regardless of whether you are studying or training. There used to be extensive income checks when it came to child support for adult children. Today this is not applicable: It doesn’t matter what or how much the children earn during their apprenticeship or student job.

It becomes difficult with a second education or a second degree. As a result, the right to child benefit usually lapses, since the child could complete a full-time job with his education and earn money accordingly – and is therefore no longer dependent on the help of parents. In such cases they are i. d. Also no longer subject to maintenance. However, occasional exceptions confirm the rule as always.

Own home and job: there is still child benefit?

Your child is of legal age, has completed his vocational or academic training and is moving to his own apartment no longer entitled to child benefit.

However, there are a few exceptions:

  • The child is unemployed or looking for a job. Then the entitlement continues until the 21st birthday.
  • Your child can only do one Marginal employment get hold of (up to 450 euros). Child benefit is then available until the child’s 21st birthday.

In all other cases, the following applies: Your child can take care of itself with a completed education and a job. The family fund therefore no longer provides financial support in the form of child benefit.

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Disabled child: child benefit is available for longer?

When moving out of the parents’ apartment, there is a general right to child benefit up to the 18th (or in the case of training up to the 25th) birthday – but there are exceptions. Is your child disabled and cannot make a living?, an application for an extension is worthwhile. The child’s disability be diagnosed before his 25th birthday and have a medical certificate. Entsche >

In case of doubt: Consult your responsible family fund. A disabled child may be entitled to further social benefits and financial support. To what extent this affects child benefit is best explained to you by a family fund advisor.

Branch application: Is a direct payment to the child possible?

In theory, parents support their offspring financially and use the state child benefit to support their offspring. In practice, however, not all parents take care of it in such an exemplary manner. Then can Children at the Family cash register make a branch application. If approved, child benefit will in future be paid directly to the child. To do this, however, the child must prove that his parents do not permanently meet their maintenance obligation.

Even with a branch application, the legal claim remains with the parents; only the payment is forwarded. The permit is also the exception rather than the rule.

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