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For every child who is in Germany is put into the world, the state pays a certain one under certain conditions amount of money. Usually this payment is made by 18. and up to 25th birthday of the child. This money payment is called child benefit and serves parents well for their children to be able to care for.

Child benefit and its payout: When the money is paid is required by law.

Often, however, both parents and children wonder who actually receives child benefit, for example if they do Parents live separately should or the child moves out.

Short & flush: the most important thing for paying child benefit

  1. Child benefit is paid in full on the Hartz 4 rate income count.
  2. Payment can be made up to the age of 25 if the child is in the education or in Education is.
  3. The payment of child benefit is legally scheduled and depends on final digitthe child benefit number.

To whom does this take place in such a case Child support payment and there is fixed payment dates? Who exactly pays the child benefit? And in what form can you receive the payment – for example if you no own account to have? Read more in the following guide.

Disbursement of child benefit: who does it and when?

When the child agency pays the child benefits is determined by the Child Benefit number dependent.

First of all, the question to be clarified is who Child benefit actually pays out. Payment of the benefit is made once a month by the Familienkasse the Federal agency for work done. Even if the child was not born until the end of the month, the child benefit payment is virtually the same for the whole month backdated done.

Who receives child benefit depends on whether the parents still live together or who cares for the child (care principle). Separate parents, for example, have to agree on who receives child benefit. In case of doubt, this applies family court the decision.

There are also fixed dates for the payments, which vary depending on Final digit of the child benefit number for your child or your children differentiate and can take place both at the beginning of the month and at the end.

The child benefit payment for the Final digit "0" always takes place, for example beginning a new month. Parents or children whose child benefit number is on a "9" ends, the payment is only received against End of month. The payment dates for the respective final digits are planned in advance for the entire year.

Please note: For recipients of pensions or relatives of the civil service the family fund of the Federal Employment Agency does not make the payment of child benefit. In these cases, child benefit is provided by Family fund of the employer paid.

Child benefit: payment is made by check, cash or bank transfer?

Usually, the monthly child benefit is based on the bank account of the child benefit beneficiary – usually a parent or legal guardian. In certain cases, however, it may be that a beneficiary no account (yet) owns or the family fund account details are not available early enough.

In such cases, it is not possible to have the child benefit paid out directly in cash, but one can from the family fund check sent. This must then be redeemed at a bank. However, such a measure is only in individual cases possible in which no other solution can be found. A cash Settlement child benefit is usually not provided.

Good to know: the beneficiary receives Unemployment benefit 2, so the child benefit is complete as income to be counted. The usual allowances must be observed.

Child benefit: payment to the child himself?

In case of doubt, the court decides to whom the employment office makes the payment for child benefit.

The Family or child benefit fund can also arrange for the child benefit to be paid directly to the entitled child. For this, however, the child has to of age and submit a corresponding request.

If the beneficiary pays none or one low maintenance for his child, the payment can be made from child benefit to another person who provides maintenance for the child concerned. in the vernacular becomes this possibility "Branch" called.

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2 thoughts on “Child benefit: the payment is subject to some rules”

We have a household community in a community of needs and therefore we have the family fund
the application for a diversion of child benefit for our 2 sons (18 and 20). Both are in training
and logged out of the job center. The application was rejected because our sons still live with us .
The older one finished training in February 2018 and will be taken over by his company .
We just don’t believe that the decision of the family fund is correct .

What happens if the child’s money is not enough for a child and the parents themselves have little money?


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