Child benefit table 2018

Child benefit makes a valuable contribution to the financial relief of parents: the amount of the corresponding allowances and the associated child allowance is regularly adjusted. The following are the changes for the years 2018 and 2019 and useful tips for applying.

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Purchases for school, groceries and other expenses for young people can be financed with child benefit: But how much Are you specifically entitled to money? The following child benefit table gives you a quick overview.

Child benefit table – 2018

First and second child
194 euros
Third child 200 euros
Every additional child 225 euros

In addition to the child benefit entitlement, you can also benefit from the child allowance: in this way, parents receive a certain amount of money tax-free, which is accompanied by an additional relief. A total of EUR 7,428 per child was set for 2018. In the case of separated couples, however, each parent can claim a child allowance of 2,394 euros.

Child benefit table – an outlook for 2019

In the past, child benefit has always been adjusted to inflation and the rising cost of living. The following table shows the changes over the past five years:

year 1 child 2nd child 3rd child from the 4th child
2013 184 euros 184 euros 190 euros 215 euros
2014 184 euros 184 euros 190 euros 215 euros
2015 188 euros 188 euros 194 euros 219 euros
2016 190 euros 190 euros 196 euros 221 euros
2017 192 euros 192 euros 198 euros 223 euros
2018 194 euros 194 euros 200 euros 225 euros

The Federal Government has agreed on an increase of ten euros for 2019. This comes into force Increase from July 2019. The Bundestag has already decided that.

year 1 child 2nd child 3rd child from the 4th child
2019 204 euros 204 euros 210 euros 235 euros

Instructions for the application

To begin with, it should be pointed out that the right to child benefit is subject to certain conditions. For example, you will only receive the appropriate allowances if you live with your children in Germany. Furthermore, child benefit is generally only paid from birth to the 18th birthday. For children in training, the child benefit entitlement can remain until the age of 25. You can conveniently fill in and submit the related applications online: For this purpose, you only need the tax identification numbers of your child and yourself. If you live together as a couple, can You decide yourself which account the child benefit will be transferred to.

Tip: The family fund pays the amounts retrospectively up to six months. If you have been entitled to child benefit for a longer period of time, it is therefore advisable to adjust the data in the application accordingly.


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