Child bike seat test – comparison 2019 – the current models

Child bike seat test & Comparison – The current models 2018

The children’s bike seat – For the modern family outing

Are you looking for a way to bring your child along with you? bicycle tour even though your child is not yet able to cycle independently? Of the Child bicycle seat solves exactly this problem! This guide will give you important tips on using children’s bike seats and what you should consider when buying them. The children’s bike seat is becoming increasingly popular among families, as it is a modern and easy way to transport your child safely by bicycle.

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Our children’s bicycle seat recommendations

# preview product price
1 Britax Römer Jockey³ Comfort Bicycle Seat (9-22 kg), Collection 2019, black / gray look at
2 Iso Trade Children’s Bicycle Seat Bicycle Seat Safety Seat Bicycle Child Seat + Bracket # 1623. look at
3 Polisport child seats / bicycle seat Boodie, black / red, S look at
4 UrRider children’s bike seat, infant bicycle seat, foldable and ultralight. look at
5 DKZK Bicycle Child Seat, Bicycle Seat, Detachable Child Seat, Electric / Bicycle Back Seat With. look at
6 Acelectronic bicycle safety child seat, child seat front for ladies u. Men’s bike, baby. look at
7 WZOED Child Seat Bicycle Seat Child Fashionable Detachable Bicycle Front Seat Child Seat Pedal with. look at
8th Bobike child seat Mini One, brown, FA003535062, XS look at
9 Polisport children’s bicycle seat, gray, 61006200 look at
10 Fischer bicycle child seat I child seat I bicycle child seat with saddle attachment I children. look at

Child bike seat test – reviews summarized

Below we have one Child bike seat test wanted for you. There are some dubious providers on the Internet who suggest an alleged test, but this has never happened. Accordingly, it is important for us to receive reviews from reputable providers Stiftung Warentest and Eco test summarize and present for you.

consumer magazine Stiftung Warentest Eco test
Child bike seat test found? To the test "6 child bike seats in the test"
To the test
Review report issue 02/2018 01/2015

Great variety of kids bike seats

There are a wide range of children’s bike seats in various sizes, colors and shapes: there are seats upholstered for the maximum comfort of your child, others are adjustable in height and there are seats for the front of the bike, however also for the back of the bike.
However, of course, there is safety over functionality, so your child’s feet can be secured on special feet shelves so that the feet can not get into the spokes. In addition, of course, a safety belt is available, here you can choose between different straps and colors any safety belt.
This wide range and the simple functionality make the children‘s bike seat very popular among families, as it is a great addition to a variety of bike trips.

You should pay attention to this when buying a bicycle child seat

So that you are well advised and informed when buying a children’s bicycle seat, you should note the following tips and criteria:

Again, children’s helmet is required

Even if the child does not sit behind the wheel, the danger is just as great as with adults. Therefore, the helmet is mandatory. If the child is tired or foolish, a bike trailer is a great option for taking a nap.

The material and the workmanship of the bicycle seats

The quality of the child bike seat should play a major role in your purchase decision, as ultimately the quality of the processed materials of the seat has a major impact on the well-being of your child.
So plastic is usually the material of choice, because plastic children’s bike seats bring a high degree of flexibility and low weight, but there are also qualitative differences here:
The material behavior under the influence of temperature plays a decisive role here, because the plastic parts must not be cracked or otherwise damaged in the cold and warm seasons by the sun’s radiation, as well as by the cold load. The built-plastic may also contain no toxic substances or otherwise harmful substances, to ensure this will be the seats of u. a. TÜV certified.
But not only the material of the seat should be well-made, because so that your children do not have to feel strong vibrations while driving, the padding of the child seat should be sufficiently soft and sprung.

Important tips and the price of the children’s bike seat

Since your child can be safely transported in a child’s bicycle seat in the future, you should by no means save at the wrong end and buy a very cheap model without informing yourself sufficiently.
Children’s bike seats are available in a price range of € 30.00 up to almost € 200.00, so there is also a suitable child bike seat for your budget.
Some seats can be optionally attached to the front of your bike, but also on the back of your bike, but you should note that your child from a weight of 15 kg may only be transported on the back of the bike.
Care must also be taken to ensure that the child bike seat is consistent with the tube diameter of the bicycle, as well as the inch size and other dimensions of the child seat manufacturer.
The seat belts and other components of the seat, such. As the seat cushion, can be replaced easily in retrospect, you should find that you do not like the built-in parts.

The top 3 recommendations of children’s bicycle seats

So that you do not lose track of such a large variety of children‘s bicycle seats, we have listed below three recommended test winners from Amazon and described in detail:

The Prophete child safety seat

The safety child seat by Prophete is the first recommendable child bike seat for you. The Prophete child safety seat is available on Amazon in gray and orange and at a price of € 36.99. The child bike seat is only suitable for the back of the bike and provides additional security for your child with a sturdy frame attachment. The footrests of the seat are adjustable and secure the feet with safety buckles. The seat belt is a so-called harness belt, which has a simple quick release and the child bike seat has a comfortable seat pad. For the cheap price and the high quality and safety of the seat is absolutely recommended and meets all criteria of value for money.

The Britax Römer children’s bike seat Jockey Comfort

The second recommendation for you is the bicycle seat Jockey Comfort by Britax Römer. The seat is available in a black-gray color on Amazon for a price of € 120.00. This child bike seat specializes in the comfort of your child during the cycling. The seat has an adjustable headrest and a changeable backrest for a comfortable reclining position. The seat also has a safety belt with comfortable shoulder pads and extra-large spoke protection so your child’s feet can not get between the spokes while driving.
This model costs a high price, but is absolutely worth it if you want to ensure the maximum comfort of your child during the ride.

The polisport child seat

On the third place of the test winner is the child seat PO8632600002 Baby carrier Bilby Junior by Polisport. This seat can be purchased on Amazon in a gray color for € 35.62. In contrast to the other two child seats, this seat can also be attached to the front of the bike, but the weight of the child must not exceed 15 kg. The child bike seat also has an adjustable safety belt, a footrest with safety system and a safety bar on the front of the seat, which can also be used as a handle or support of the child. Another great advantage of this seat is that the pillow can be easily washed.
This seat is also a very good choice for a low price, if you are looking for a child seat for the bicycle front.

A children’s bike seat is perfect for anyone who wants to ride a bike with their children, but the children are not yet able to ride a bicycle themselves. For example, the child seats are perfect for trips on sunny days, but using the seats in cold weather is not recommended. Whether you’re exploring the park, visiting relatives, or planning a bike ride along the coast, the children’s bike seat will not disappoint and should be a staple of any family today.

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