Child health insurance – child insurance

Child health insurance

Children’s health insurance: What you should definitely pay attention to?

Your offspring has arrived?

Congratulations!! We cannot help you on shorter nights and full diapers; but in all questions about private health insurance. Just let me know, we take care gladly for you around the child health insurance – you are probably busy other time. By entering a little data you can send me this signed one Child insurance form send.

For my customers there is a “birth Teddy“With printed birth dates of the child. Just tell me the name, date and time of birth, weight and height of the baby. [Update: our supplier has unfortunately retired, we are still looking for a replacement]

For all other questions about birth see mine Checklist birth.

Children’s health insurance – statutory or private?

Both parents have statutory health insurance

If both parents are insured in a statutory health insurance company, the child must be registered with the "certificate for health insurance" from the registry office for statutory family insurance. Advantage: The family insurance is free of charge. However, the medical services are very limited.

Both parents privately insured

If both parents are privately insured, the newborn may also be privately insured (see below "Kindernachversicherung"). From the day of birth, the baby has its own health insurance contribution, which is, however, significantly cheaper than the contribution for adults (approx. 1/5).

Parents with different health insurance plans

The applies here Rule of thumb "the child is insured with the better earning parent". However, there are some exceptions, e.g. the children of civil servants can always be insured in cheap private civil servant tariffs. The employer usually takes over the aid. 80% of the contributions. officials children benefit from the significantly better private health insurance benefits for a very affordable contribution of approx. EUR 30-50!

watch out, trap: As long as the parents not married are, the child can initially be insured in the statutory health insurance with no own contribution if the "additional earner" is privately insured. However, this family insurance ends with marriage, from then on the child who is then voluntarily insured pays in the SHI one own contribution in the amount of approx. EUR 190 (As of 2019). As described in detail on our PKV expectancy insurance for children of civil servants, the child could then switch to PKV – primarily to the private health insurance of the parent insured there, only a few PKV providers insure children alone if the parents are insured elsewhere. However, the child can only take out a private health insurance ifhealthy”Is enough to be included in the PKV! If there is a chronic illness, orthodontic treatment has been recommended or is currently being carried out, or if there have been more relevant treatments in the past three years, the child’s application can also be rejected as part of the so-called “risk assessment”. Consequence: The child continues to pay a high contribution to his SHI with poor performance. If parents really want or need to save on their child’s health insurance, we always recommend it absolutely the Taking out a private health insurance, logically combined with a suitable supplementary insurance, especially for the hospital!


According to Section 198 VVG a right to "Kindernachversicherung"As children’s health insurance in the tariff of the private health insurance of a parent without a so-called" health check ", i.e. no questions about health status are asked. The child is then insured retrospectively at the date of birth, i.e. All costs from birth are borne (the birth itself is usually billed via the mother).

This requirement becomes particularly important with a premature birth (scarce in Germany 10% of births). Ca. 30% premature babies have long-term ones depending on the week of pregnancy health problems, round 10% are severely disabled ("More and more premature babies", Ärztezeitung v. 12.11.2010, studies on the long-term consequences of premature birth)!

The right to supplementary child insurance applies in accordance with. § 2 paragraph 2 MB / KK (PKV ​​model conditions) only under the following limitations:

  • first from birth (i.e. cutting the umbilical cord)
  • The parent’s private health insurance contract must be with most companies at least 3 months passed
  • child insurance must within 2 months can be applied for from the health insurance company from birth
  • the scope of insurance benefits not be higher than the parent; et al Therefore, parents should check in good time before birth (or even better before pregnancy!) whether they have long-term health insurance. This also applies to private supplementary insurance and daily sickness allowance insurance or private long-term care allowance insurance!

tip: isolated providers dispense in their terms generally on the 3-month period, for which the parent’s contract must have existed before birth.

Problematic can congenital damage / abnormalities or birth defects be the before birth have arisen. According to § 2 paragraph 2 MB / KK no guaranteed entitlement to "Kindernachversicherung", I.e. it is not clearly regulated that the child is included in the tariff of the parent without a health check!

In some cases, it is argued that in these cases, a claim to child supplementary insurance follows from section 198 (1) VVG. Here too, however, it says "from birth"! Some providers also report that they insure children in these cases even without clear rules. But do you want to expose yourself to such insecurity at the moment when you are confronted with enormous new challenges by the birth of a handicapped child and be dependent on the goodwill of society or may have to sue them through several courts?

Therefore mine recommendation: When taking out private health insurance, choose a "good" provider or tariff that does not apply this regulation from the start and thus offers you more security in the event of an emergency. We would be happy to check for you how this is regulated in your tariff.

Children’s health insurance and adoption

Should you have a adoption think, choosing the right child health insurance can be especially important!

On customer case: On our recommendation, the husband was insured with the Deutsches Ring (now Signal Iduna), his wife (civil servant) was already insured with Debeka. In the adoption A newborn child who was born 8 weeks early as a “premature baby” asked the question of Kindernachversicherung. In principle, this would have been possible for both companies, Debeka and Deutscher Ring. However, the child was not 100% healthy as a premature baby.

Statement of Debeka: Additional child insurance for adopted children only with a health check and risk supplements. According to Section 198 VVG and Section 2 Paragraph 3 MB / KK 2009 are fundamentally possible – with a data center up to 100% of the contribution!

The German ring on the other hand, adopted children were treated like birth children, i.e. no health issues, no risk assessment and no risk surcharges! since 2013 the German Ring has unfortunately changed its policy. Adopted children are now not only required to answer health questions, but also to undergo a medical examination!

Important: There are still "good" tariffs that also do not agree on a risk premium for child reinsurance of underage adopted children. If this option is in the room, you should definitely pay attention to it!

PKV expectancy insurance for children of civil servants

As described in detail in our PKV expectancy insurance for children of civil servants, civil servants who initially insure their child legally family insurance should save their child’s health insurance, necessarily a private health insurance for civil servant children take out, usefully combined with a suitable additional insurance, especially for the hospital! With such an entitlement, you can secure a later switch to private health insurance if you are no longer entitled to family insurance without a new health check.

Children alone insurance

Possibly. can a (healthy) child also alone are insured with a company other than the parents (so-called "sole child insurance", e.g. if their tariff does not meet important selection criteria for good health insurance). However, a so-called "health check“Based on the customer’s answer health issues instead of. A copy of the mother’s passport with the results of the U1 and U2 examinations is required for the application.

costs be here only from policy taken over, not from birth! The first examinations of the child (U1 and U2) are not calculated separately but are included in the so-called "DRG case flat rate" for inpatient delivery, which is covered by the mother’s health insurance. Nevertheless, if you choose this option, you need to be in a hurry before any additional costs arise.

You can find one here Overview, like individual companies with their own child insurance acceptance guidelines bypass (courtesy of Levelnine, as of 04/2013, without guarantee):

Yes No Note / Conditions
alliance X from the 2nd L J + preventive examination U7
Old Oldenburg X from the age of 6
AXA X from the 16th L J
Barmenia X • Except doctors in the medical tariffs
• At the age of 8 – 12, confirmation is required that no orthodontic treatment has taken place or is not necessary.
BBKK X Not in the CP tariff
BBV X from the 6th L J
Central X from the 13th month of life with U1 to U9, before that only in exceptional cases (note: very problematic premium development with the Central tariffs!)
Concordia X from the 8th LY, before that only if one parent is insured in the same way.
Continentale X X
DBV-Winterthur X
Debeka X
German ring X
DEVK X except for M2-M4 (from age 4, provided all U-examinations have been carried out)
DKV X Exception: BestMed tariffs. A child’s solo insurance is not possible here, unless it appears that one of the parents will also take out a VV with the DKV in the near future.
Gothaer X Children are fully insured in medical expenses. insurable alone, provided that a statutory. Representative takes over the property of the UN.
HALLESCHE X NEW: since 4/2015 regardless of age from birth (previously only from the age of 8)
HanseMerkur X
HUK Coburg X from the age of 6
Inter X
LVM X One parent must be insured in a private health insurance
Mannheimer X from the age of 6
Munich association X
Nuremberger X
Provincial X
R + V X
SDK X One parent must be insured in a private health insurance
signal X From the 49th month of life, before that only if one parent is insured in the same way.
uniVersa X
Württembergische X from the 5th L J, before that only in exceptional cases

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