Child hearing aids price and test – hearing aid prices – how much does the hearing aid cost

Child hearing aids price and test

The company KIND Hörgeräte GmbH & Co. KG is one of the best known and most innovative specialists when it comes to hearing aids for the ear. Not only are the special hearing aids available to customers, but also the hearing test, hearing advice and hearing protection are key features of the Kind brand. In the test report of the Stiftung Warentest, the hearing aid acoustician can take second place, Focus Money honors the provider as "Service König" and WirtschaftsWoche recognizes the "highest level of customer trust". The price-performance ratio is also fair.

Not all hearing aids are paid for by the health insurance. There are cheap alternatives that can make life with hearing loss significantly easier. On our website you will find inexpensive everyday hearing aids.

# preview product price
Audioline DB 130 Mini, portable drying box with. * 49.95 EUR Watch on Amazon
Rayovac Extra Advanced Zinc Air. * 15.99 EUR 13.20 EUR Watch on Amazon
RHSMSS mini hearing aid, invisible in the ear USB. * 42.90 EUR 26.99 EUR Watch on Amazon
JQBTW. * 49.00 EUR 35.00 EUR Watch on Amazon
5 Hadeo Drybox Avantgarde 3.0 – drying station – NEW * 69.95 EUR Watch on Amazon
Digital audio amplifiers – pair. * EUR 51.99 Watch on Amazon
Who is the thief? * 2.99 EUR Watch on Amazon
LPLIG Invisible Auditory Amplifier, Ultra Mini. * 42.89 EUR Watch on Amazon
Noise amplifier, sound amplifier for. * 24.61 EUR Watch on Amazon
10 Surefire hearing protection Sonic, clear / pink, L. * 20.99 EUR Watch on Amazon

Everyday helpers for better hearing

In addition to the high-quality hearing aids, there are some useful everyday aids for the hearing impaired to help them hear better. The following headphones are very popular among customers:

headphone Amazon Link
AMPLICOMMS TV SoundBox cordless TV loudspeaker 95 dB separate volume control 3-fold sound adjustment up to 30m range " alt ="">
Human technology LH-056 TV " alt ="">
Telefunken add-on infrared chin strap headphones TVS-DHS TV Sound Digital " alt ="">
Sephia SP6010 headphones with bass driven sound for iPhone, iPad, iPod, MP3 player, Samsung etc. " alt ="">
GEEMARC CL7310 digital radio television headphones " alt ="">

Inexpensive headphones cost no more than 40 euros. And that with a carefree viewing experience.

Service Value tested the best hearing care professionals

612 KIND hearing aids 52.2%
> 1007 Amplifon 1007 Fiebing hearing technology 1007 Geers hearing aids 1007 Hearing aids Seifert 1007 iffland.hören. 1007 Köttgen hearing acoustics Premium hearing amplifiers from KIND with a fair price-performance ratio

Premium hearing amplifiers from KIND in white or black offer a robust housing and can be purchased in stores for less than 100 euros. The hearing aid is not only ready for immediate use, it also enables a crystal-clear sound and is ideal for an ideal TV sound, for conversations and for listening to music. Since it is not a medical device, you do not have to go to the device acoustician, but can get the product inexpensively online.

Child hearing care professional in 2nd place in the Stiftung Warentest

With an overall good rating, the hearing aid acoustician can be selected as the best provider in the Stiftung Warentest. The acoustician offers most of the branches in Germany. It is not the costs that are examined, but the important factors of hearing results after the initial fitting, needs analysis, hearing aid fitting, customer orientation and basic information. The provider Seifert can be the test winner.

Free hearing aid costs for KIND

The prices of hearing aids are not always cheap, in this case the Kind company promises "the best possible hearing with hearing aids from the KIND zero tariff * collection". The costs are therefore borne entirely by the health insurance companies. Care for hearing loss is therefore possible without additional payment. Free hearing aids are among others

  • Standard – behind-the-ear hearing aids
  • Power – behind-the-ear hearing aids
  • Standard – in-the-ear hearing aids

In addition, the provider advertises a transparent listing of the costs with a price list that the customer can understand.

Behind-the-ear hearing aids

  • Standard behind-the-ear hearing aids (already free of charge for KIND)
    Power behind-the-ear hearing aids (already free of charge for KIND)
    External handset behind-the-ear hearing aid
    In-ear hearing aids
    Standard in-the-ear hearing aids (free of charge for KIND)
    Mini in-the-ear hearing aid
    Micro in-the-ear hearing aid
    Standard behind-the-ear hearing aid
    Perfect fit and easy operation
    Power behind-the-ear hearing aid
    Particularly powerful
    Standard in-the-ear hearing aid
    Custom-made solution without additional payment

"Highest customer trust" in the comparison test

The financial magazine "WirtschaftsWoche" tests the trustworthiness of companies every year. The testers receive support from the experts at "ServiceValue". In a large-scale test study in cooperation with the Psychological Institute of the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main, the hearing care professional can achieve the highest grade and lead the trust ranking. On our specialist portal you will find further interesting information about hearing aid costs and the test reports on the providers.

Ranking according to ServiceValue – child named overall winner

KIND Hörgeräte GmbH & Co. KG

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