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Child insurance as a single child insurance in a private health insurance

Private child health insurance – save without family insurance!

Classic family insurance is the most common form of co-insurance for family members. However, there are many ways to save money while integrating young people into an improved tariff system. This means more benefits in the event of benefits and reimbursement of money if medical care was not used in the previous year. In many cases, it is worth taking a closer look at the diverse child insurance tariffs, private health insurance, because family insurance is not mandatory and therefore not absolutely necessary. The additional insurance option offers children from 4 to 25 years of age all the convenience of private medical care at a low price. The child insurance of private health insurance offers a wide range of tariff groups with different service packages and premium refunds. Here, the interested party can freely decide on what conditions the youngsters should be insured. The service packages can be customized and the youngsters enjoy all the comfort services that private health insurance has to offer.

A noteworthy provider is Signal Iduna, this website makes clear recommendations for this child health insurer. It is generally advisable to get an overview with the help of a comparison portal.

Important reasons for the decision of an independent child health insurance

For many parents, the most important reason to opt for an independent children’s health insurance policy is the possible reimbursement of the contributions if the medical services are not used. However, this does not include the preventive and vaccination appointments, which must be taken regularly.

Children and spouses are included in the family insurance tariffs free of charge if the monthly income of the contracting parties does not exceed the earnings limit of € 450. However, there can now be a professional change that leads to additional monthly earnings and therefore requires an adjustment of the insurance contracts.

Children abroad who are not subject to compulsory insurance and do not have their own health insurance and are not already covered by any health insurance can also be included in the child insurance tariff.

Own children with disabilities who are not able to work independently due to their illness can receive independent child health insurance without age restrictions.

Parents can also offer young students additional insurance protection by taking out child health insurance.

Refunds and deductibles – this is how the system works

Some policyholders prefer to leave the previous insurance constellation because they worry about losing track. Reimbursement of premiums, deductibles and other terms make many policyholders cautious about the issue of independent child health insurance.

The premium is also reimbursed at the children’s rate if medical services are required due to an accident or if preventive appointments are used.
The agreed deductible limits are set annually and can be agreed at different levels. These quantify your own payment obligation in the event of a benefit. The policyholder sends the doctor’s invoice to the health insurance company, which checks the possible percentage deductible from the invoice amount up to the agreed maximum personal contribution.
If the policyholder does not need medical help, he will be reimbursed a few monthly premiums. An additional advantage of getting contributions back would be to use the insurers’ bonus programs. Various applications, preventive measures, preventive examinations and health courses are subsidized and have a positive effect on reimbursement.

The principle of reimbursement of child health insurance tariffs (PKV child tariffs) is the same as in conventional private health insurance.

It is important to inform the insurance community about this insurance option and to explicitly point this out, because many are not even aware of their savings opportunities. The non-contributory coverage of the children means that certain savings, in the form of premium refunds in the family insurance, cannot go to the benefit of the policyholder. Choosing an independent child health insurance contract can, under certain conditions, be more profitable than insuring the offspring in statutory health insurance or in family insurance. Refunds and bonus programs give more and more incentive to insure children separately. In addition, the young patient enjoys the benefits of private health insurance and a comprehensive, individually compatible service package from the start for the best all-round care for their own children. Special inpatient services such as treatment by a doctor and single bed rooms or outpatient care services such as physiotherapy and massages can be selected in all tariffs of the children’s health insurance. The services can be tailored to each person and their health requirements to ensure the best possible care for patients.

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