Child poverty has many faces

Child poverty in Germany

Child poverty has many faces

Every 5th child in Germany grows in poverty on. The children do not starve or are homeless. But they don’t get a lot of what they need to develop their health Unleash potential and so chances of one good future to have.

SOS Children’s Villages is committed to ensuring that every child in Germany has a good future has – regardless of the possibilities of his parents.

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Donations are used, for example:
15 € – lunch for two families
50 € – developmental psychological counseling for a family
100 € – one month homework supervision

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They find out here more about the work of SOS Children’s Villages.

Financial child poverty

Material child poverty Never keep up

Children from poor families have to do a lot dispense, which is normal for peers – also on activities that would help them their Developing potential and escaping the vicious circle of child poverty.

Have children from poor families poor school performance and received less support, are more often socially isolated and can less often in social activities or stimulating leisure activities take part.

The longer Children live in poverty, the more serious are the consequences for their future.

No money. No time. No support. suspended.

Mia * knows what it’s like to be unable to keep up. Your mother is a single parent. Even though she works, money is always tight. At the end of the month it is often only enough for toasted bread and tea. Mia takes care of her two younger siblings, shopping, the apartment and whatever else arises. Support with school work, time for Friends or a hobby? There is hardly any.

For her 11th years Mia has a lot of responsibility – and few prospects.

* Name, biographical details and images have been changed to protect the real person.

Emotional child poverty

Emotional child poverty Neglect destroys children’s souls

These children emotionally starve – with devastating consequences: they have permanently damaged souls and usually suffer from physical problems, Anxiety disorders, depressive moods and others mental illnessoften a lifelong.

This is what SOS Children’s Villages does against child poverty

The work of SOS Children’s Villages Breaking the cycle of child poverty

Every child in Germany must have the chance of a good future – regardless of the possibilities of his parents!

Is committed to this SOS Children’s Villages at over 230 locations in Germany. Get family here Helping people help themselves, so that they can solve their problems themselves and develop new perspectives. Other offers create the best possible Development and learning conditions for children.

Children and adolescents who can no longer live with their parents can be found in the SOS Children’s Villages and group homes a new home.

A fair chance for every child This is how SOS Children’s Villages helps

A second home Open offers in family and mother centers

A new home for children and adolescents SOS Children’s Villages and living groups

Children who cannot stay with their families find a new home in the SOS Children’s Village. They get them in SOS Children’s Village families Security, support and stable support, that they need on their way to a self-determined life.

Nationwide, there are 111 children’s village families with around 600 places in 16 SOS Children’s Villages.

Give disadvantaged children future prospects:

Early intervention and early help

Support in life crises and in parenting issues Parenting and family counseling

Persistent worries and strains can plunge families into a deep crisis. The SOS educational and family advice centers support and strengthen families through individual advice and support.

The offers include:

  • Parenting and family counseling
  • Case-related diagnostics
  • crisis counseling
  • Individual and couple counseling for parents – also in case of separation / divorce
  • Group offers for children
  • Specialist advice for people from educational and psychosocial fields

Give families in crisis perspectives:

Family help for home Ambulatory flexible help

If the development of young people is at risk and families cannot cope with the situation on their own, SOS Children’s Villages provides flexible, outpatient support. Family helpers advise and accompany families in their home environment. The goal is that Leadership skills to strengthen people and a to avoid inpatient placement of the children.

The outpatient help supports:

  • coping with problems at school, work and training
  • running your own household
  • overcoming financial problems
  • personal and social problems

Even a small donation can make a big difference!

School and job-related help

A child’s social environment largely determines his or her educational career. The goal of school-related aids is through BEducation, advice and networking opportunities integrate socially disadvantaged pupils into the classroom and classes. This includes:

  • School social work on site
  • Project work with classes, parents or teachers
  • Homework support, individual support, vacation programs
  • Lunch table for students
  • Programs for school-goers

With its job-related help for training, employment and qualification, SOS Children’s Villages is aimed at young people who have few opportunities on the training and job market.

With your donation you finance health and education:


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