Child poverty in germany, child affair

Child poverty in Germany

Although Germany is a rich country, there are children who are affected by poverty here. You can read about why this is here.

Child poverty in Germany

Germany is actually a rich country. It is one of the so-called industrialized countries. Still live here roughly 2.5 million children in poverty. Most of the time you have just enough money to survive. But because poor people in Germany still have more money at their disposal than poor people in developing countries, poverty in Germany is called relative poverty.

What does it mean for children to be poor?

Did it ever happen in your school class that a child could not go on a school trip because it was too expensive for the family? Or maybe a friend couldn’t go to the cinema with you because it costs too much? Sometimes the signs are that a child is from a poorer family.

Then the children cannot afford such leisure activities. For the same reason, for example, they don’t take music lessons and don’t go to sports clubs. Many of the children have only a few toys, neither a cell phone nor their own computer.

Many also get almost no pocket money. Because they cannot participate everywhere, they are sometimes annoyed at school. It is then said that they are excluded from society. The lives of children who are poor are very stressful and often burden them with worries and fears.

Many things are lacking

Many poor children do not get a daily hot meal. Because they do not eat so healthy and sometimes have little exercise, they are at greater risk of getting sick.

Poor children often live with their families in areas where apartments cost little and other people who are rather poor also live. There

however, there are hardly any playgrounds for the children and the crime rate is higher. At home they usually don’t have their own room. Many of the children have problems at school. You can z. B. not focusing so well on school and homework because they have so many worries.

Children whose parents do not speak German are particularly affected by school problems. You cannot help them with their homework and there is no money for tutoring. And with a poor school-leaving qualification, it is harder for young people to learn a profession so that they can earn money later on.

It is like a cycle: it is very difficult to escape this poverty.

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