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Child prophylaxis berlin charlottenburg - - ku64

children prophylaxis

children prophylaxis –

the KU64 premium prophylaxis for children and adolescents

Dear parents, dear children,

We wish every human being healthy teeth and healthy gums for life. In order to achieve this goal, the right dental care strategy by parents and dentist must be taught to the children.

  • daily dental care
  • healthy eating
  • regular prophylactic appointments and
  • a tailor made >

For children, prophylactic measures are still largely taken over by the statutory health insurance. However, professional teeth cleaning such as the KU64 premium child prophylaxis is not included in the catalog of benefits of the GKV even for children and must be paid for privately. This usually costs only 40 to 80 euros for children.

The professional cleaning of teeth in special cases such as bracket supports, black tartar, discoloration by medication, etc. is more time consuming. In these cases, we charge a surcharge of 5 euros per 5 minutes required.

Professional teeth cleaning for children and adolescents – is an educational treatment!

The first step in our practice is the so-called oral hygiene status: The plaque is stained with a special agent to make it highly visible. So we can show your child in the mirror where it needs to clean better. The number of tooth surfaces with pads and where the gums bleed on contact are noted. In later investigations can be easily determined whether the cleaning behavior has improved.

Brushing your teeth – but right!

In order to motivate your child and to give him better the treatment and the right brushing, we show the pads in our unique caries cavity. After staining, the highly visible deposits are carefully and carefully removed by our specially trained prophylactic staff and the surfaces of the teeth are mirror-polished. Subsequently, each tooth is covered with a highly effective protective varnish, which protects the teeth from caries for up to three months. For longer-term protection, we recommend having a fissure seal done in our office. However, there is no recommendation as to the age of the person from which such a seal should be made, as tooth growth varies for each child.

In addition, we show your child from the age of three, how it brushes its teeth best, to prevent the re-formation of plaque.

All this takes place in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, all about your child’s dental health. The child should understand that it is responsible for its own dental health and fun to develop the dental care. For us pediatric dentists this is the most important task!

The oral hygiene of your child is important to you?

A quick appointment – even on weekends – and all information on your child’s first visit with us you will receive:

by phone at 030 – 864 73 20

We are happy to advise you on all questions regarding dental prophylaxis in children!

Her pediatric dentists from the KU64 team.

Here you can download our flyers about prophylaxis:

Text: KU64 – Dentist and prophylaxis in Berlin

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