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child protection : New Child Protection Act

  • Katja Tichomirowa
  • 14.12.11, 9:37 p.m.
  • If mediation protection is approved, the new law will enter into force on January 1.

    Shortly before Christmas, the ministers no longer wanted to stand empty-handed – neither Federal Family Minister Kristina Schröder (CDU), who had to complete the child protection law that her predecessor had started, nor Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania’s Minister of Social Affairs Manuela Schwesig (SPD), Schröder’s new edition of the law most recently had refused her approval in the Federal Council. So the two sat down on Monday and agreed on a compromise. It provides for significantly more money for family midwives and the early help network. Young children in particular are to be better protected against violence, abuse and neglect.

    Confederation now gives more money

    The Child Protection Act can thus enter into force on January 1, 2012, provided the mediation committee of the Bundestag and Bundesrat approves it on Wednesday. Nobody expects a rejection. After all, the better and more sustainable protection of children has been more than enough three Years to come.

    In Bremen In October 2006, the body of two and a half year old Kevin is discovered in his father’s apartment. The case shocked the country.
    Against the father arrest warrant for abuse of protection and manslaughter is issued.
    Responsible for Kevin, however, was not the father, but the youth welfare office that had been guardian of Kevin at the time of his death. It had long ignored the clear traces of Kevin’s abuse. One of the reasons for this case was to reform the Child Protection Act.

    "As it should be before Christmas, we have put together a good package for children," said Federal Minister of Family Affairs Kristina Schröder on Tuesday. The agreement made it possible above all a promise from the Federal Ministry of Finance. Originally, only 120 million euros were earmarked for child protection, spread over four years until 2016. Federal funds are now being used to increase significantly. In the coming year, the federal government will provide 30 million euros for the family midwives and the early help network 2013 it will then be 45 million euros and from 2014 51 million euros annually.

    The countries had previously feared that they would be left behind after 2016. The permanent and reliable support of family midwives and help networks should make it possible to identify deficits in care in good time in the future.

    Family midwives are midwives with additional psychosocial training. They should support families with special needs and provide them with targeted help. They go into the families and accompany them for up to a year, as required. The Early Aid networks are particularly active where children come into contact with the healthcare system – for example during the U1 to U10 preventive examinations. The SPD-ruled countries demanded that these structures also be funded with federal funds. They had called for better integration of health care and youth welfare.

    Passing blame passé

    They also agreed on quality standards in child and youth welfare institutions. Close cooperation between youth welfare offices, advice centers and other actors in child and youth welfare is planned. This was a specific request from the Round Table Abuse.

    The Minister of Family Affairs Kristina Schröder said that the compromise on the Child Protection Act had brought about something that failed in the last legislative period due to the polyphony of the parties. Now she is "grateful, that we have managed to focus on the core of our concern. "

    Mutual blame seemed forgotten. "It was good that we could take the opportunity to touch up again," explained Manuela Schwesig of the Frankfurter Rundschau. “Actors such as the Child Protection Association supported us in this. In the end, the Federal Government accommodated us in all essential points, but above all in the question of reliable financing. "


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