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The ideal "child seat bicycle"

The right one Child seat bike Finding is often a difficult task for you, because there are many different models. What should you look for before buying? At the beginning, you should know whether the child seat should be attached to the front of your bike or the back. Once this question is resolved it is important to determine your child’s weight in order to get the right one Child seat bike to buy. Then you should ask yourself what comfort the seat needs and, very importantly, whether it fits your bike. If you have observed these criteria, you should definitely pay attention to safety. In the end, of course, the optics also play a decisive role and the price you want to spend. If you have observed all the important points, there is nothing standing in the way of your first bike tour.

The child bike seat from Prophete

The child bike seat is designed to be attached to the back of your bike. Which bikes can you fit this seat on? Most suitable for this seat are bicycles with 26 to 28 inch wheels and a round tube diameter of 28 to 35 mm. The seat is kept in a simple gray, but the bright orange of the seat upholstery and the footrests stand out. The child bike seat is attached to the frame of your bike. You can also easily adjust the footrests so that the seat grows with your child. You can buckle up your child in the seat using the secure 3-point harness belts. These are fastened with a quick release. The seat cushion provides the necessary comfort so that your child can also sit comfortably in their new child bike seat. It should also be mentioned positively that the seat has been tested by TÜV and GS, so you can feel safe on your next bike tour. How heavy can your child be to be safe on the go? You can use the child bike seat until your child weighs 22 kg, the child seat has a weight of 2 kg. You should also note that your child’s head should not protrude above the backrest. The manufacturer states an ideal age of 2 to 5 years. You can attach the child bike seat to bicycles with a luggage rack as well as to a bike without a luggage rack. The seat is robust and has great stability.


  • for bikes between 26 and 28 inches
  • simple look
  • 3-point harness belts
  • quick release
  • TÜV and GS checked
  • resilient up to 22 kilos
  • for children from 2 to 5 years


The bicycle seat Jockey Comfort from Römer

This child bike seat from Römer is just right for children weighing 9 to 22 kilos. What special features does the Römer child seat offer? A special eye-catcher is the 2-colored reversible cover. So your child can choose which color the child bike seat should be today. Since you can easily remove and wash the reversible cover, maintenance is easy.
What safety factors does the seat offer you? To keep your child’s risk of injury as low as possible, Römer has equipped the Jockey Comfort child seat with an extra-large spoke protector. You can adjust the headrest in 9 steps with one hand. The footrests are also adjustable, so the seat grows optimally with your child. The seat is attached to your bike independently of a luggage rack. The child bike seat is very comfortable because you can tilt it back easily and the cushion is very comfortable. The straps have a cushion. You can fasten your child in the child bike seat from Römer using a 3-point belt. You can also fix your child’s feet in the footrests with 2 buckles. How is the bike seat assembled? You can easily and quickly attach the seat to your bike. If you want to go on a bike tour without a child seat, it’s easy to remove. at the Foundation This child bike seat was the best product tested on request.


  • for children from 9 to 22 kilos
  • 2 colored reversible cover
  • washable
  • with great spoke protection
  • Headrest adjustable in 9 positions
  • slight inclination possible
  • padded straps


The Boodie child bike seat from Polisport

The bicycle seat Boodie is just right for little girls in its color. Why is the bike seat especially good for girls? The seat is kept in a beautiful gray. The upholstery and footrests are bright pink. If your child weighs 9 to 22 kilograms, they can sit comfortably and safely in this child bike seat. You can adjust the pink footrests precisely to your child. The foot straps ensure that your child cannot slip or fidget with his feet. The small pink seat cushion ensures that your child can sit a little more comfortably. The comfortable seat shell is ergonomically shaped and the head part is specially shaped. What is the advantage of the headboard? This special shape enables your child to sit comfortably with a helmet on their head. Your child is secured with a 3-point belt. This can be adjusted so that your little darling does not slide back and forth. Thanks to a quick-release bracket, the child bike seat can be easily attached to all common bicycles with a frame tube diameter of 28 to 40 mm. How does the assembly work? Installation is very straightforward, instructions for use are included in the scope of delivery.


  • nice color for girls
  • suitable for children from 9 to 22 kilograms
  • Adjustable footrests
  • ergonomically shaped seat shell
  • specially shaped head part for bicycle helmet
  • Quick-release bracket
  • for frame tube diameter 28 to 40 mm


The child bike seat Bilby Junior from Polisport

The special thing about this child bike seat is the front bracket. The seat is therefore attached to the front of the bike. Your frame tube diameter may be 20 to 40 mm here. The seat is especially for the little ones. Which weight class does this correspond to? It is suitable for your child if it weighs 9 to 15 kilograms. How is your child secured in it? On the one hand, the child bike seat has an adjustable 3-point belt, with which you can buckle up your child in the seat. As a further safety factor, a front bar was attached to the seat, which has a safety lock. The footrests were also fitted with a safety bar. How much comfort does the child bike seat offer your child? You can adjust the footrests 5 times, so the seat grows with you and your little darling sits comfortably. A cushion also ensures that it sits comfortably in it. The Bilby Junior is UV resistant and the seat pad is washable. The child bike seat is also very stable. With it you have the opportunity to talk to your child while driving. You can buy a windbreak separately against the wind. The assembly of the child bike seat by Polisport is quick and easy, even for laymen.


  • Child seat with front bracket
  • Frame tube diameter 20 to 40 mm
  • for children from 9 to 15 kilograms
  • adjustable 3-point belt
  • additional safety bar
  • 5-way adjustable footrests, also with safety bar
  • UV resistant, washable


The bicycle seat Jockey Relax from Römer

This child bike seat from Römer is a model from the collection 2014. You can do it for their Buy the child if it weighs between 9 and 22 kilograms. Since the seat is equipped with a reversible cover, you can take both girls and boys with it. Because one side of the seat has a blue color, the other side is pink. You can easily bring the Römer Jockey Relax child seat into your sitting or resting position for your child with one hand. So it can take a nap sometimes. What security do you get from this seat? On the one hand, it has an extra-large spoke protector, and on the other hand, the child bike seat has a 3-point belt that you can use to secure your child with just one hand. You can also fix your child’s feet in the footrests. What comfort does the Römer seat offer? You can easily adjust the footrests to the correct height. You will find belt pads on the straps and the seat has a padded reversible pad. This makes your child’s trip as pleasant as possible. This reversible cover is washable. The seat was successfully subjected to a TÜV / GS test. A spring steel bracket offers you stability. The assembly is quite easy and the seat can also be quickly removed when you do not need it.


  • for children between 9 and 22 kilograms
  • practical reversible cover
  • adjustable sitting or resting position
  • extra large spoke protector
  • padded 3-point belt
  • TÜV and GS checked


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