Child seat offers

All child seat deals& bargain january 2022

Britax Romer child seat Advansafix i-Size in Fire Red for 236,59€ or Cosmos Black for 245,69€ + 8 baby points

Have just shot the britax roemer child seat dualfix 2 R in black for 265. In addition there are just beautifully many baby market points. Coupon is about to expire. :P

Is correct. Only a child of 100 cm belongs in a reboarder anyway.

With the 5 point the upper body is held in the seat. Thus the only movable is the head thereby the energy discharges in the neck. With the 3 point harness (yes there is the one from the car itself) the upper body and one arm can roll with it so the load is more distributed.

You should pay attention to the ECE standard (i.e. what is written on the seat): universal approval, semi-universal approval and vehicle-specific approval – with universal approval, the manufacturer cannot prescribe anything. I have already gone through the whole backward driving thing with britax romer. I think there was no desire or no money the seats on rear-facing seats as for example. To test with the multivan. One could me on the basis of the reboarder dualfix z. B. Not explaining why I can’t install this on a rear facing seat backwards. In terms of force, a head-on accident would be equivalent to a rear-end collision with a forward-facing dualfix on a normal forward-facing car seat. Would be sad, if the reboarder does not withstand that?! This also applies to the advansafix on a rear facing seat: if i have a head on accident the child is pushed into the seat, this is much better than the child being pushed out of the seat into the harness. To the comparatively poorer grade in safety: supposedly it is because the seat has the integrated 5 point harness or the 5 point belt. When the child is bigger, they have the possibility to buckle the child with the normal seat belt.But mainly the 5 point belt is tested, which of course is quite weaker counteracts. Especially since you can compare the ADAC sub-point safety times with the child seat besafe izi flex fi: advansafix 2.6 – average risk of injury in front crash, the child seat is not particularly stable in the vehicle (I can not understand at all) izi flex – 1.9 – average risk of injury in front crash I also assume that is tested with a 76 cm dummy. The cuts of course worse than a 100 cm dummy.

We have the and attention, the 5 point belt is mega atzend if you still want to use the.. The X-pad is probably safer but also annoying..

Joie Chrome DLX Set baby bath and baby seat Gemm

CYBEX Silver 2-in-1 child car seat Pallas M-Fix (Rumba Red)

Your link leads to the M-fix SL. There is probably a difference: facebook.Com/cybexde/posts/479046982471760

By the way, TODAY there is another 10% discount at mytoys. So he costs there only 161,09 € plus shipping.

Am I missing something or where is the difference to this: mytoys.De/cybex-car-child-seat-pallas-m-fix-sl-silver-line-pure-black-black-7011123.Html?Sku=7011123&mc=enu_mts_onl_sea_google_mytoys-shopping-baby_carseats123_cybex-7011123&gclid=eaiaiqobchmisaedjdjs9qivkon3ch28lan5eaqyasabegkikfd_bwe

Am I too late for the "forward facing child seats are killer" or "only reboarder make sure that your child gets the 6. Birthday reached" comments? No seriously, use the things only when your child is big enough and can support the neck stable itself. Just because your child is fat and at 6 months has already reached the specified weight of the seat, so you should not use it yet. We have our daughter in the cybex pallas only at about 14 months packed. Until then she still fit in the baby carrier. Reboarder is safer and we have also considered, but she wanted to drive partout no longer backwards. And the terror we had km car, car trips with sometimes 2 hours of screaming at a time, you do not want to do to yourself then more. For months every day half an hour (each way) to the daycare and back just screaming. You have to like the catch body though. With ours there was in winter with winter clothes sometimes grumbling, but that went past. But as written above, please please wait until the last with the right seats. Our acquaintance was always so proud of the child and just because it reached the weight, the child was proudly placed in the seat at 9 months old. Could sit with effort itself, but he was soooo big and already had a great seat. In the sense, I am curious about the reboarder comments

RECARO child seat Monza Nova 2 Seatfix Prime in black, gray or blue (group 2/3, 15-36kg, from about 4-12 years)

Has integrated boxes XD

App use plus shoop possible? Thought not.

We have for years and is actually super. Finally no longer have to listen to benjamin blumchen. Sometime later there are then child headphones for the ride. But with 4 years is still too early.

(lol) (lol) (lol) how cool. Integrated speakers and connection for a music source. Finally NDR1 is playing in the front of the bus and the kids can listen to their stuff in the back. What there is not everything for a krempel. When will come the seat heating in the child seat? Positive but besides the price: either by isofix in the vehicle to attach (and the child then with the three-point belt) or with three-point belt child and seat. This makes borrowing for a ride at grandma/opa’s house partially possible (y)

How good is the seat compared to the CYBEX gold child seat solution S2 i-fix?

CYBEX child seat Silver Solution B-Fix, Dynamic Red

Vbaschen sent with the official app sent with the official app","close":true "toggles":[]>’ data-track=”>

From me "tueht" , but with us in nissan qashqai has strongly wobbled.

The child does not notice the difference.

Then rather "tuhet your children what good …" (lol) (y)

Tut tut die eisenbahn :

Personally, I also prefer standard iso-fix models. Whether one does through use of deal model the children necessarily what bad, I doubt but still. B-fix can finally also be attached to iso-fix brackets. And there are also other experience per B-fix models (amazon):

Maxi-Cosi FamilyFix3 Iso-Fix base

Okay, then I was probably too late. Next best offer I see for 146,99€ at check24. Babywalz unfortunately does not allow the 10€ NL voucher with maxicosi products. We get from a friend the pebbleplus shell and therefore the offer would have fit great (annoyed)

This was a discount voucher that you could activate on the article page via checkbox. Seems to have expired

And what is the coupon code? When I put the article in the shopping cart, unfortunately nothing is deducted. Thanks for the help

Have 2 of them in the touran and used a year ago each paid 150. For twin dads or weak-chested moms a must, as it makes getting in and out of the car a factor of 68745436746487 easier, this is especially appreciated by new parents when the inmate is sleeping inside and you want to get him out as immobile as possible. The station has a 3 step warning system to ensure the correct fit of the station in the car as well as the maxi cosi itself, the beep sound is not loud but noticeable when correctly engaged. the question, if isofix is really worth it i would like to send back to 1995. Who has isofixpoints and does not use them is his own fault. Apart from the safety aspect completely. Grips

I have tried both and I like it with fix clearly better, but is not a must if the seat itself can be secured with belts. It is clearly more stable and it goes faster than each time with the belts. If the seat or the fix can, you can also change the position of the seat, more reclined etc. Whether it is safer, I can not say but it gives you the feeling that it is safer than without.

Child seat offers

Safety is the be-all and end-all on the car ride. A good child car seat is therefore indispensable for the little passengers. The choice of child seats from well-known brands such as maxi-cosi, romer or cybex is large. Should it be a baby seat, a reboarder or a booster seat for your offspring? The weight and age of your child are the most important factors in deciding which model is right for you.

The child seat – a must for a safe car ride

Without a child car seat, children cannot travel safely in a car – and since 1993 this has even been regulated by law in the road traffic regulations. Basically, child seats are divided into three categories, which build on each other according to the age and weight of the child. The very youngest children are very safe in the car in special baby seats. For toddlers who can already sit, there is a large selection of different child seats, the so-called reboarders. For larger children there are finally quite simple booster seats, which ensure that the belt can be worn perfectly seated. Since child seats are a safety issue, new findings and new models are constantly coming onto the market. Everyone must decide for himself which is the right model. We give here an overview of each variant:

The right car seat for the very young

Child seat offers

Baby seats are the first choice for newborns and babies up to 15 months respectively a maximum weight of 13 kg. In case of doubt, the weight is more important than the age when it comes to changing to the next higher model of child seat. Baby seats are practical, which actually belong to a stroller, but can also be used as a car seat. Baby seats are mounted in the car against the direction of travel. The reason is the plus in safety. In the event of an impact, the impact force would be distributed on the spine and not – as in the case of a seat in the direction of travel – on the neck, which is still muscularly developed in babies too low to withstand an impact. The rear-facing baby seat for infants up to the age of 15 months is even mandatory since 2013 according to european regulation with the so-called standard i-size.

The child seats are installed with isofix. This is a special type of fastening that creates a firm connection between the car and the child seat. The use of iso-fix is also part of the i-size regulation, so all i-size child seats are always compatible with the iso-fix system. For the iso-fix system, all newer cars have two restraint bars located between the backrest and the seat, often hidden behind a removable padding element. The child seat is hooked onto these two brackets and then sits firmly in place. This simple handling also virtually eliminates the possibility of errors when installing the child seat in the car.

One of the best known brands in the field of baby car seats is maxi-cosi. The brand name has long since become a well-known synonym for infant carriers in general. Of course, many other brands also offer this type of seat for the very youngest children. These include britax romer, osann and recaro.

This is how toddlers get from A to B safely

Child seat offers

Infants from the earliest age of nine months or a weight of 9 kg up to a maximum age of around 4.5 years or a weight of 18 kg ride in a so-called reboarder safe in the car. There are models that are mounted against the direction of travel, just like infant carriers. On the other hand, there are models that are mounted with the direction of travel. It is an individual decision which seat is more suitable for you. In principle, seats that are installed against the direction of travel are considered safer in the event of a collision. On the other hand, many children prefer a seat in which they sit facing the direction of travel, as this allows better contact with the passengers on the one hand and a better view on the other hand. In a reboarder, the child can sit comfortably and is ideally protected by the round padding in the back and sides.

For older children from about three to about seven years of age, there are reboarders adapted to their increased weight and age. Their mode of operation corresponds to that of the reboarder for toddlers. The only difference is that the toddler models have an integrated belt system, while the models for older children do not have a belt system and the children are strapped in with the normal car belt. The classic successor to the infant reboarder is the 15-36 kg child seat. In the trade, however, is also the child seat 9-36 kg available. weight-wise, this covers a long span and can be used for a long time due to the variable adjustment of the seat. you are on the safe side with a proven brand seat such as a cybex child seat or a britax romer child seat.

Safe on the road with older children

Child seat offers

The use of a child seat is a legal requirement for older children under two conditions: a seat is obligatory if the child is younger than twelve years of age or smaller than 1.50 m in height. If one of the two points applies to your child, he or she may only travel in the car with a car seat. The classic for older children is the very simple one booster seat. It is usually used from around early primary school age and replaces the reboarder. This is a seat usually made of solid foam, which is easily placed on the car seat. This means that the child sits higher, which is very important so that the belt fits perfectly. If the child were to sit too low, the seat would not be able to rest properly on the shoulders and chest, but would instead cut painfully into the neck. booster seats are very inconspicuous in shape and therefore ideally suited for all children who actually prefer to be like "the big ones" be on the road without a child car seat. On the other hand, they are available in many bright colors and with cheerful motifs from popular movies, series and stars such as the Disney characters or the ice queen elsa. booster seats are very relaxed in price. You can get good brand-name models for as little as around 20 euros.

At a glance – what to look for when buying a car seat

Whether it’s a baby car seat, a car seat for toddlers or a booster seat for older children, you should check all models for these safety-relevant points before buying:

Safety first in road traffic! All child seats must therefore comply with a special test standard. You can recognize tested seats by the unmistakable test seal in orange color. On this seal you will also find an indication of the weight of the child for which the seat is suitable. There is also a note indicating the approved vehicles in which you can use the seat. Usually this reference is "universal" and can therefore be used universally in all standard cars. Vehicle-specific instructions are marked accordingly, but are rarely found in the classic child seat brands.

Pay attention to the padding in the head area. Especially for infants and toddlers, padding on the back of the head and on the sides of the child seat is very important. Should you ever have to brake sharply or there is a collision, the head is well protected by the padding.

But not only safety is important. every parent knows it: on long car journeys, it doesn’t take long for the little ones to get terribly bored, to be blinded by the sun, to start shivering or, or, or. These practical features around the car seat and the seat in general provide more relaxation and fun on the car ride:

A warm footmuff makes the ride in the cold season more comfortable for your baby in the infant carrier. There are practical foot sacks that can be put over the bottom of the shell. It will be nice and warm all around with a kind of sleeping bag with open top and closed footmuff, which lies completely in the shell and into which you can put your baby and then buckle it in.

For slumbering in the reboarder, there is a neck support recommended. Therefore, when buying, make sure that the neck area is padded thickly.

What else should not be missing for a comfortable ride? In any case, a sun protection for the window makes sense. For just a few euros, you can buy sun visors that are attached to the window with a suction cup. In addition to protection from the sun, they also darken the seat slightly and thus offer a pleasant environment for a nap in between. Practical is furthermore a organizer, that attaches to the back of the front seat. In the many compartments you can store crayons, picture books or the water bottle for varied entertainment during the ride.

Child seat offers

The best places to buy a new child seat

Child car seats for babies, toddlers and older children are available in every baby store. The babyone chain, for example, has many branches in larger cities and is also represented online. Also among the large chains with baby and children’s equipment is baby walz. Here, too, there is an online store and a branch in almost every major city where you can get an overview of the large assortment of seats and receive advice. Also look in stores such as babymarkt or browse the classic amazon. If you are looking for simple booster seats for older children, you will often find them in larger supermarkets such as real,- or kaufland. Many baby supplies and toy stores such as mytoys also carry these items.

How bargain hunters save money

Especially good quality baby car seats can easily tear a big hole in your wallet. Here is the temptation to save a euro or two when buying a used seat. On the one hand, there is nothing to be said against buying a used child seat of a proven brand such as a maxi-cosi child seat, a romer child seat or a recaro child seat on classic sites such as ebay kleinanzeigen or in local facebook groups. However, the maxim applies that an infant seat should not be used after an accident has occurred. However, it is not always possible to tell from the seat whether it has already been involved in a minor or major accident. It is therefore an individual decision whether you want to and can trust the statements of the seller of a used seat. Alternatively, it may be possible to buy the child seat from a trusted friend or acquaintance with older children.

Important questions answered at a glance

How long should children sit in a car seat?

Children should sit in a car seat until they are big enough for the regular car seat belt to fit them. According to official regulations, this is the case when the child is over 1.50 meters tall. Also, a car seat or booster seat is no longer officially required if the child is over twelve years old. Here is the rule: as soon as one of these two factors is met, a child seat is no longer required by law.

Which child seat is suitable for which age??

Baby seats are a must for infants. From around 15 months, you can switch to a reboarder, which must be replaced with a model of the next higher class from the age of around four years or a maximum weight of 18 kg. A booster seat can be used from around primary school age.

Although age also plays a role in choosing the right seat, weight is much more important. A new child car seat is always due when the child has reached its recommended maximum weight. It is also time for a seat of the next higher class if the maximum weight has not quite been reached, but the child’s feet or head protrude beyond the seat in the case of the baby carrier and reboarder.

Where in the car should you install the car seat??

The middle seat in the back offers the most safety. Here is the most distance to the side walls of the car and the child is in an accident in the middle accordingly best protected. The fact is, however, that many cars do not have iso-fix in the middle seat, which means that there is only a choice of side seats for installing the seat. it is most practical to place the child on the right side, as this is the side facing the footpath. Getting the child out is much easier and safer here than on the road side.

Which is the best child car seat?

In its child seat test in the spring of 2017, the ADAC tested 37 child seats from well-known brands together with stiftung warentest for points such as safety, ergonomics and the pollutant content of the materials used. A "good the stokke brand won the baby car seat category with the STOKKE izi go modular. In the reboarder category, the maxi-cosi child seat MAXI-COSI axissfix plus was awarded a "good" rating points. If you would like more detailed information about the test results and the winners and losers, you can find all the child seats tested in the 2017 test and the tests of the previous years and all the scores at a glance at ADAC.

ADAC child seat test I ADAC 2017


A good child seat should be a must for all parents who travel with their children in the car. You can save a euro or two on both brand-name child seats and inexpensive alternatives. Of course, good deals are not a dime a dozen. Our tip to you: take enough time to look for a good child seat offer before your little one moves to the next child seat level. The time will come one way or another and with enough lead time you will certainly have the opportunity to get a good price. At mydealz, for example, you can set up a "beating word" alert and be automatically notified when a deal on a child car seat has been shared. You can also find many other deals for kids& on mydealz family. We wish you a lot of fun while bargain hunting!

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