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Safety for the next generation – child seat until when?

When transporting their children in the car, all parents rely on safety. After all, it’s about their greatest good. Legislators also have a say when they take their offspring with them. The German road traffic regulations state that children only fit in Restraints may be transported.

These legally approved child seats must carry the test seal ECE R 44/03 or ECE R 44/04 be provided. Failure to comply with legal regulations can result in severe penalties, because security and well-being are also important to legislators. But how long should children use a child seat? This question concerns many parents and also leads to uncertainty.

Use the child seat until when?

The child seat obligation in Germany applies until the age of 12

Paragraph 21 on passenger transportation states that children up to their completed 12 years of age or under one Height of 1.50 meters may only be carried in a suitable child car seat. Conversely, this also means that if your child is younger, but already taller than 150 centimeters, then they can do without the child car seat.

There is also one from the legislature additional rules in which it says: If two child car seats are already installed on the back seat, so that there is no more space for a third restraint system, then the third child (after the third year of life) can do without the child seat. But it has to with the vehicle’s own 3-point belt be secured.

Until when child seat abroad?

If you plan to travel to one of our neighboring countries with your child in a car, you should definitely ask how long a child seat is required there. That is quite different. In Austria the child seat obligation applies until 14 years of age of young passengers, provided they are less than 150 centimeters. The same rules apply here in Italy, Switzerland and the Czech Republic as in this country. In Denmark, however, children who are smaller than 135 centimeters have to sit in a child seat.

When is the child seat too small?

A child seat must be the size of the small passenger so that it is able to absorb sudden energy effects on its body. Only then can the risk of your child suffering damage in a crash be reduced and mitigated. However, the protective function of the seat can only unfold if it corresponds to the age or size of your small passenger.

As soon as half the head over the seat shell the model is too small. As a result, the head would no longer be adequately supported in the event of an accident, which could lead to serious injuries. The grouping of the child seats and the sizes of the manufacturers help you with the orientation.

Will be in stores too growing child seats offered. You can adjust the height of the headrest on these models. For example, a child car seat that grows with the child is suitable Groups I, II and III, for offspring with a Body weight of about 9 to 36 kilograms.

Penalties for violations

Drivers who transport your child without an adequate restraint system run the risk fine. At least one child 60 euro as well as a point in Flensburg. With several small It is already passengers 70 euros, to shell out.

If you are traveling with one or more offspring in child seats with an outdated test mark, you have to pay a fine from 30 – 35 euros expected. In the event of damage, however, this negligence can become really expensive, since the insurance company may make claims for recourse. Criminal liability is also possible.


For the protection and safety of your offspring, it is important that you closely monitor when a child seat is necessary and when your child has outgrown the model.


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