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Godchildren get a grocery pack every month

"God bless you, may God reward what you give us a thousand times for your children …"

The staff of the Diaconia Charitable Fund often hear these and similar blessings on the days when they distribute the food packages. These food packages are often vital for the sponsored children and their families.

Especially for the disabled and chronic sick children regular medical care is important

But also that medical Care within the framework of child sponsorship should not be underestimated , because normally the sick or their relatives have to bear all medical costs themselves. This has ruined many a family. Health insurance is now available in Armenia. But those who need it so badly cannot afford this insurance. Basic childcare can be guaranteed through child sponsorship. The children also receive clothing and school supplies – things that are also unaffordable for many families.

Godfather visits are very special for the children and their families – and for the godfathers

Many needy children are still waiting for help – it is so easy! With a monthly amount of € 36, you can enable a child to live a decent life.
Once a year you will receive a report from us on the child’s progress and living conditions with a current photo. If you like, you can also write to the child. However, we cannot guarantee that it will respond. It is also possible to arrange a meeting with the sponsored child. Please contact us!

Godchildren with a future

Would you like a sustainable Armenian child help and help it have a future? Below are the profiles of some children looking for sponsors. If you want to sponsor one of these children or your “preferred child” is not among them, please contact us – there are many more children waiting for a godfather. Or do you have further questions? Our Sponsorships FAQs are there for you. Thanks for your interest!

Can a sponsorship really change something? Read the stories from Julietta, Liana, ljowa and Wergine!

The sponsored children’s profiles were written by the DCF staff in Armenia. This creates jobs there and saves administrative costs in Germany. The German may therefore be a bit bumpy.


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