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The so-called children’s allowance is a family benefit that aims to support low-income families with children. The child supplement is primarily aimed at low-income earners who can make a living from their wages, but who are not able to make a full living from their children because of their low wages finance.

The child supplement is paid per child living in the parents’ household and is a maximum of 140.00 euros per child per month. The exact amount of the child supplement depends on the parents’ income. You can use one of the many child supplement calculators available on the Internet to find out whether you meet all the criteria to receive a child supplement. Simple, understandable and easy-to-use child surcharge calculators can be found, for example, at

Which questions have to be answered ?

The questions that need to be answered in the child surcharge calculator relate to the
Marital status, the number and age of the eligible children. Furthermore, information on living expenses such as rent, utilities, heating costs and family income is required. All children up to the age of 25 are eligible if they meet the criteria for receiving child benefit up to this age. The receipt of child benefit is generally a prerequisite for applying for a child supplement.

The child supplement calculator calculates the amount of the child supplement that can be claimed based on the family income indicated. Family income may not exceed the maximum income limit, but should reach the minimum gross income limit of 900 euros for couples or 600 euros for single parents.

Why is a minimum income required? ?

This minimum income is assumed because the child supplement is designed as an instrument to combat child poverty, which is aimed at families who make a living through their own efforts, but who find it difficult financially Entertains secure for your children.
The child allowance is intended to reward willingness to provide for one’s own livelihood and to avert reliance on other social benefits.
The aim is to prevent the need for help within the meaning of the Social Security Code II through the basic income and the child supplement.

The child supplement calculators mentioned are very clear and easy to use. They each consist of 20 questions on the topics described. After answering the 20 questions, you are immediately shown how much child allowance you are entitled to.
It is also possible to have the exact calculation displayed, which shows in detail how the amount of the child surcharge is shown. Provided that all the required information is available, you can use the child supplement calculator to find out within 5 minutes whether and to what extent a child supplement can be requested.

300,000 children in Germany are currently claiming a child supplement.
According to a survey by the Federal Ministry for Family, Seniors, Women and Youth, 82% of recipients are satisfied with the child supplement. 81% of those surveyed stated that the child supplement provided a significantly improved income situation.
Families with several children in particular benefit from the child supplement.

You can apply for the child supplement in written form at the locally responsible family fund

additionally to the child supplement Since January 2011, recipients of the child supplement can still claim benefits for education and participation. These services include costs for class trips, school materials and learning support. Furthermore, an amount of 10 euros per month can be used for sports clubs or the like.
The amount of the child allowance is not reduced by making use of the services mentioned.


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