Childcare, city of recklinghausen

Childcare includes various options and topics. You will find an overview on these pages.

family office
The family office is a central information point for everything related to family life. More

Kindergarten / daycare center Navigator
With the Recklinghausen daycare navigator, you can find out about the kindergartens online from home or on the go and reserve places for your children. More

Minders / day fathers
Childcare – what is it exactly? And what distinguishes day carers, i.e. child minders and child minders? You can find the information here.

Great day care
What is day care? How are children looked after there and where can the so-called day care nests be found? There is an overview here.

parental contributions
Parents who provide city care for their children accept, pay parents contributions. But in which cases do they have to be paid? The answers are here.

Children with disabilities
Children with disabilities and children at risk of becoming disabled are looked after in day care centers and family centers in Recklinghausen, in a special education family center and a speech therapy kindergarten in the neighboring town of Herten. More

Education in day care centers
The (educational) step from the family in daycare centers is not always easy for children. There are professional familiarization concepts in all daycare centers. Education in institutions also offers many advantages. More

language education
There are various offers for the targeted linguistic support of children, especially those with a migration background, at kindergarten age. More

Hygiene in day care centers
Infections can spread quickly in day care centers where many children come together. Therefore hygiene important. It minimizes the risk of infection. Hygiene plans help daycare centers to maintain infection hygiene. More

Family centers / network office for family centers
Children’s day care centers are being developed into family centers. This is intended to offer families a reliable point of contact for everyday questions in their district. More

family Education
Family education supports parents with good tips, exchange of experience and factual information when raising their children. More

The Services the city administration on the subject of children, youth and parents can be found here.

Tip: There is also a parent brochure on questions about the acclimation to download.


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