Childcare in emergency situations

A family company introduces itself:

An unexpected hospital stay, a cure or rehab … there are many events that families can face today with problems with the care of their children. In some cases the partner cannot step in, in others there are no close relatives who can help or they are single parents. The illness of mothers and fathers and their effects on their children are often simply ignored in our society or referred to as "personal bad luck". However, an intact, reliable environment is just as important for our growing children as food, clothing and education.

So what do you do if one parent, or even both, cannot fulfill your child’s obligations in the short term? What if mom or dad cannot be there for a few days or weeks because they are sick and the family or friends cannot take care of the children? Our children’s home can help here!

Our goal is to interfere as little as possible in the children’s everyday life. Kindergarten, school, friends, sports clubs or music lessons – we integrate our care as much as possible into the normal daily routine of the children. Some live entirely with us during childcare, other children are only brought to school and picked up by us, because dad or aunt can take over when he / she comes from work. The scope of our support is very individual.

Your right!

Perhaps you have heard of such care for the first time today. But it is their right to take advantage of our offers in emergency situations, the costs are borne by health insurance companies and social partners. This is regulated in the Social Code (SGB V) §38 and SGB VIII §20. We will be happy to help you make the necessary applications and identify the positions responsible for you. Legal security creates self-assurance for families.

A look into the past …

We wrote the year 2005 as Ursula and Jan-F. Bochmann founded the children’s home. The operating license was granted after many official requirements and applications and we were able to start building our beautiful wooden house. In 2007 we were finally able to start childcare on behalf of various health insurers, and we also started to make the outside area of ​​the house child-friendly shape: Lawn, pasture tipi, mud corner, trampoline … in 2009 we hardly added our yellow VW Caddy, which was covered with colorful stickers and which allows us to cover school trips and leisure activities for the children even more flexibly.


Through constant training and further education of our employees, we are constantly developing ourselves and what we offer. Since the compatibility of work and family is a part of everyday life, we have a very reliable and stable team – there is hardly any staff turnover. The means also that families who have to use our care several times find a familiar environment in which the children immediately feel comfortable again. In our anniversary year 2015 we can say that our cooperation with health insurance and youth welfare has improved further, our services are established in Burgdorf and the surrounding area. Our offers are very much appreciated, which becomes clear again and again in discussions with the families concerned.

… and future

We to build namely on! And it is progressing quickly, as you can see!

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