Childcare training

Your advantages

Training childcare, our special features

Top trainers

Our team consists of both experienced trainers and people with many years of experience in childcare. In this way, you will be optimally prepared for the challenges of your later job.

funding opportunities

Our childcare education is sometimes the cheapest on the market. However, courses can be funded by the AMS or Waff, for example. Just ask us for more information.

Central location

Our training courses take place in the institute EWI at Stephansplatz, directly at the U1 and U3 subway exit at Graben. The seminars are therefore easy to reach from anywhere in Vienna and Lower Austria.

Flexible times

We start our childcare courses monthly. Although these courses are very popular, you can usually start our course at the latest in the next month. It is best to simply ask for the places.

Training for childcare

The difference between the two training options in childcare:

Our childcare training courses are so popular because we take special care to respond to the participants. So far, participants with a migration background have always felt warmly welcomed by us. We work with many childcare facilities to inform our participants about the situation on the job market. We were able to place many of them immediately after completing their training. We are very happy to present the two most popular EWI courses here and we are always there for you inquiries personally or by telephone during business hours. Thank you for your interest.

Kindergarten assistant

Location: Kindergartens / nurseries

Age: up to 14 years

Size: Also larger groups

Content: Care only

Kindergartner assistants support kindergarten teachers in caring for children and help with games, handicrafts, excursions etc. The number of children to be cared for is often larger than that of the group supervisor.

Children group supervisor

Location: Children’s groups and kindergartens

Age: Up to 16 years

Size: up to 14 children

Contents: supervision and educational measures

In contrast to the kindergarten assistant, children’s group supervisors also intervene in the children’s educational measures. Training as a childcare provider is a basic requirement for opening your own children’s group.

Everything about the new training as a child group supervisor from 2017

Here you can find our information portal, where you can find all information about changes and news of the new training:


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