Childproof lock for closet door and drawers in 2019

An easy way to protect toddlers from dangerous objects such as cutting tools, chemicals such as cleaning agents and other sources of danger with a webbing safety device.

The simple assembly without drilling and screwing is also easy for unskilled craftsmen. With a very strong adhesive surface, the child lock can be attached within a short time.

Due to the length adjustment, the fuse can be used on almost all cupboards and drawers. Dangerous content is securely protected from access by small children.

With this simple and affordable option for more child safety, you make a decisive contribution to a child-safe home.

  • 【Best gift for baby】 Only today 【5% discount for 2 items】 Code HOLIDAY2 | 【10% discount on 3 items】code 3HOLIDAY New with improved adhesive power – Super large 3M adhesive.
  • Ultrasound Binding Techniques: All parts of the article are together fused through ultrasonic bonding. No matter how you draw it, the two little top pieces of the article will never.
  • Please use after 24 hours to achieve the best performance of the adhesive. Doors cleaned before sticking to prevent the influence of dust. No drilling or screwing necessary, very easy.
  • The drawer locks fit almost all flat – cupboards, drawers, ovens, refrigerators, windows etc. They will help you keep your children away from danger. Age recommendation 6.
  • Customer support: no-reimbursement or re-shipment (new) for any quality problems. Lifetime friendly customer service. You’re welcome write Email us with any questions.

Childproofing is a very quick and easy way to make drawers and cupboards childproof

The good workmanship promises a long service life. Pinched fingers, chemical burns, or injuries to pointed or sharp objects are effectively prevented. The quick attachment is also very easy for the unskilled. These locks for locking cupboards and drawers are designed for a long service life.

The advantages of the drawers and cabinet locks of this product:

  • The length can be changed, which means that it can be used on all cupboards and drawers
  • Product rating is in the maximum positive range between 4 and 5 stars
  • easy to apply: the adhesive surface is simply pressed onto the surface and is thus attached in seconds

The drawbacks of drawers and cupboards in the way of securing them from children:

  • Some people see an optical impairment, because this security, unlike the magnetic locks, is invisible


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