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Movement invigorates and enables a healthy and vital life. It is not always the top athletic performance that gives our body the necessary basis for a healthy life. No, even simple movements with a lot of fun and joy in the activity are often enough to promote health. For this reason, it is important that children learn from an early age to enjoy moving and to combine something positive with exercise and sport. Because movement is life.

Why is exercise so important in children?

Sport activity is an indispensable part of a healthy life. Exercise keeps our musculoskeletal system healthy, strengthens the muscles and promotes important aspects such as endurance and the immune system. Whether in the course of a sporting activity or during a fun movement game, whenever movement and sport get our circulation going, this is good for our health.

For children, the positive effects of sporting activity are not limited to the short-term effects. Above all, the long-term effects of an active and sporty childhood are what make exercise for children such an important aspect of children’s leisure activities.

Movement is important for children because:

  • It promotes the building of muscles and bones.
  • It promotes and sustainably strengthens the immune system.
  • They promote the cardiovascular system and endurance.
  • You can avoid obesity and similar diet-related illnesses.
  • It has a positive effect on children’s development (physically and emotionally).

The more active children are from an early age. The more they recognize something positive through movement games, group activities or simply away from creative joy in sporting activity, the more the movement can have a positive effect on children’s development. Strong muscles and bones, a stable and healthy musculoskeletal system, endurance and an active immune system. All of these are advantages that children receive from sporting activity and exercise in everyday life and which of course also have a lasting and positive influence on the development of the child’s body.

Movement games in kindergarten, first steps in an active life

Movement games in kindergarten

Sport is important for a life full of health and vitality. But the little ones cannot always be introduced to the sport without any resistance. Above all, if the family is not particularly sporty and enjoys less exercise in everyday life, kindergarten is often the first step towards an active and sporty life.

Movement games do not look particularly sporty at first glance, but have an enormous pedagogical effect on a toddler. Who does not know the good old “catch game” or movement games with balls? Almost every child plays it in kindergarten and yet for the little ones it is more fun and enjoyment of exercise, sport and that’s exactly how it should be.

Introducing children to an active life with exercise and sport does not mean registering the children in a sports club as early as possible. No, it means letting the children run around and play, awakening the desire to exercise with simple exercise games and thus offering the child the opportunity to discover sporting preferences.

Parents should promote their children’s skills!

Recognize and promote children’s talents

When it comes to promoting a child’s sporting side, parents need to recognize and promote the skills of the little ones. Because not every child has the same talents. Sometimes a child’s talents lie in the field of endurance sports such as running, while other children enjoy the most when it comes to shooting the ball into the goal of football. So it is important to find the right form of movement for your own child.

In any case, parents should:

  • Promote children’s athletic talents and preferences early on.
  • The search for a suitable sport together with the Deny child.
  • Do not put pressure on the children, otherwise the fun in the movement will be lost.
  • Allow the children to have fun and exercise not every day.

A good tip (especially at a young age) is pure variety. The more sports children are allowed to try out at least once at a young age, the more enjoyment the movement makes. Trial days in sports clubs, sporting events with the opportunity to get to know a sport in a playful manner, or holiday offers with lots of exercise and sporting activities are ideal for developing children promote and explore the child’s talents.

But be careful. You shouldn’t overwhelm children. As soon as movement and Sport for Children become a burden, as soon as it is necessary to move, children start to block and lose the pleasure of sport. The search for the perfect sport that corresponds to the skills and preferences of the child should not be a sprint, but rather a marathon in which you take your time and breaks are possible without any ifs and buts. This is the only way that children can really enjoy an active life with exercise and sport and lead a healthy life.


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