Children and the internet – where are lurking drivers?

Today’s children do not know a life without the Internet and probably can no longer imagine it. The most natural with the new Young people who deal with media are called ‘digital natives’. This generation often spends more time on the computer than in the playground, even in early childhood. And his friends can be found on the social networks of the World Wide Web these days. But especially for children, the Internet also harbors new dangers that were formerly foreign to parents. In order to protect young people from this, the older generation must familiarize themselves with the new challenges.

Content not suitable for children

In their unchecked urge to research, children are often interested in the content that is actually not intended for their eyes. Pornography is all too easily available on the internet these days. Often, the sexually shaped content is mixed with scenes of violence. Pages with purely violent depictions also attract many children. Groups with a right-wing radical or religious fundamentalist background take advantage of the child’s curiosity and try to lure the small Internet users. Parents should take care to protect their computers with appropriate child protection. There are good free tools available for this. In addition, the conversation with the children must be sought again and again.

Danger of file sharing warnings

Children are all too easily tempted by great offers. However, these do not always have to come from fraudulent providers, even with friends of the same age is at risk. Content that is protected by copyright is distributed and exchanged without any awareness of wrongdoing. The result can be a legal warning, which makes the parents liable as owners of the connection. In addition to a cease and desist letter to be signed, the warning is accompanied by an invoice for the legal fees incurred. Parents should react prudently when receiving such a warning. Due to the complicated legal situation, only a competent lawyer who has specialized in this area can help. Such lawyers usually offer parents free initial consultation in the event of a file sharing warning.

Chats as a contact exchange for pedophiles

Chats are often used by adults to come into contact with children in an unobtrusive manner. These people never have good intentions. Parents should their children inculcate not to disclose personal data. Chats are also often problematic among peers. The internet bullying phenomenon all too often begins there. Bullying can take on dimensions in unlimited cyberspace that children can no longer do alone bypass can. Cyberbullying has even driven young people to commit suicide. So parents should be vigilant and keep up to date with which pages their children visit regularly on the Internet.

Rip off with the target audience child

Children are particularly easy to seduce for quick consumption on the Internet, especially when it comes to their favorite series or films. In this way, the providers attract the small users to their pages and open up a microcosm of merchandising for them there. Not only are numerous products tempting to buy, competitions and raffles are also popular stitches for rip-offs from children. They are lured into the subscription trap, for example, with attractive ringtones or cell phone images. Parents should familiarize themselves with these dangers and warn their children about them again and again.


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