Children and watching tv – when and how much?

Being a parent is exhausting – sometimes it is worth a lot to just put the little ones in front of the TV or watch a video on a PC or smartphone! But at what age is it okay? And to what extent?

Under two years old
Children under the age of two should not watch TV or play games on the screen. The many stimuli overwhelm the brain and thus lead to sleep problems, restlessness and difficulties in language development. Parents of babies and toddlers should therefore not, if possible "on the side" leave the television on as the stimuli must then be processed by the child’s brain.

Between two and three years

From the age of two, children can watch selected, age-appropriate programs such as "Trotro", "Jonalu", "Sandman" or "Leo Lausemaus" look at. It is important that not too much happens at once and that the programs are rather calm and relaxed. Up to the age of three, experts recommend a maximum television time of approx. 20 minutes. By the way: Disney films often have an age limit "0 years", but are far too long, fast and hectic for children under the age of six. In addition, they usually contain sad or creepy elements and complicated actions – so please try between five and six years at the earliest and best split in half!

At three years old
From three years the time can then be extended a little to about 30 minutes. Programs similar to those at the age of two are suitable, but also somewhat more demanding content such as "My friend Conni", "Caillou" or"Bob the Builder" are popular and fitting at this age. It is important that even at this age there is not too much action and excitement.

At four and five years old
Even children between the ages of four and five should generally not watch television for more than half an hour a day (this includes playing on the computer). Quality Programs for this age are for example "Marvi hammers", "firefighter Sam" or "The program with the mouse".

At six years old
Children from the age of six should watch TV for a maximum of one hour a day. Shipments such as "Timmy goes to school", "Knowledge makes Ah", "logo", "dandelion" or "In a land before our time". Even at this age, Disney films can still be overwhelming because they show very demanding actions and often sad or fear-triggering events. Take a look at these if your child does not yet know them, so you should always look at them together with your child.

Basically, always get to know programs before you put your child alone in front of them. Watch how your child reacts to see if the show is overwhelming. And if your child sleeps badly, let them watch TV during the day rather than in the evening, as the flicker box often disturbs sleep.


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