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Pediatric Dentistry

Prevention begins with the first tooth – children should get used to regular visits to the dentist right from the start! For this reason, as your dentist in Frankfurt, we feel particularly committed to pediatric dentistry and are extremely child-friendly for the benefit of our young patients.

In addition to high dental quality, this means:

  • Holistic approach
  • Effective advice
  • Coordinated treatment
  • cures

Our services in pediatric dentistry:

Preventive dentistry helps your child maintain healthy teeth and strong teeth. This is important for the overall development of the child, because children with healthy teeth learn to speak clearly much more easily and quickly, and this gives them greater self-confidence. Your child can remain caries-free – we want to achieve this goal together.

"Baby Oral Health" from the first milk tooth

From the first tooth, the first preventive examinations in our practice make sense.

The first appointments also help your child to get to know the still unfamiliar environment and the examination. The early start of regular, constant dental care is an important step for the child on the long road to general health. As parents, you will be given detailed information. This gives you the opportunity to ask all the questions that are of interest to you.

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Individual prophylactic services (IP services for short) include the preparation of oral hygiene status, tooth brushing training with a toothbrush and dental care aids, fluoridation of the teeth and fissure sealing. The individual services are graded according to the age of the child or adolescent taking into account psychological and fine motor aspects.

Anxiety reduction, anesthesia & Co

We are experienced in treating traumatized children with poor dental experience. We offer:

  • Desensitization training: playful, step-by-step introduction to dental treatment
  • hypnosis
  • Anesthetic gel
  • "Single Tooth Anesthesia" (STA) / computer-controlled anesthesia
  • laughing gas
  • general anesthetic

More about the different anesthetic procedures »

For a pleasant visit …

… we offer our young patients a child-friendly treatment atmosphere:

  • Child Expect Room
  • Children Treatment chairs
  • Play area with slide, board, game console and much more.
  • Hand puppets during treatment
  • Multilingual practitioners who are specially trained for child treatments

Kindergarten and school care

Healthy children’s teeth are important to us. We therefore look after various facilities in which we carry out, among other things, tooth brushing training:

  • European school Bad Vilbel
  • ECB Childcare Facility Frankfurt
  • Jewish community Frankfurt
  • Children’s planet Westhausen
  • Kita Kantapfel
  • Monikahaus private school

Incorrect swallowing or permanent mouth breathing can have a major negative impact on tooth and jaw growth. When examining your child, we pay attention to whether such disorders are becoming apparent and are happy to recommend appropriate orthodontic therapy.

Would you like to find out more about pediatric dentistry? You will find detailed explanations in our information world.

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