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Children use the penknife to carve a wild boar

26. July 2015 Comments Off on Kids carving a wild boar with a pocket knife

Children carve at every occasion: when they have to wait or when it’s so hot outside that they want to stay in the basement all day long. Today we carve a funny bristle animal with the children: a cuddly wild boar. Especially for those who start to carve, the boar is a perfect start. The list of materials is more than short!

“To carve?! That’s something for kids! “A father said to me as I sat at the playground and made some new ideas in wood with the little ones. So I thought for a moment. What should I say? “Anyone can carve it!” Or “When have you carved for the last time?” But then I preferred to say nothing. Because the carving children and how enthusiastically they all worked, that spoke volumes. This time we had planned a boar. For this we observed the black coat at the game enclosure. Then it was clear for the children and me how we can perpetuate such an animal in a piece of lumber.

Carving children: Minimal material costs

To carve a wild boar, you will need a penknife with awl, as well as a saw, a piece of branchwood, a thin branch and a pencil. All very thorough are still sandpaper.

Here is our material to carve a boar out of it
Photo (c)

First we carve with the children one end of the branch wood to a boar trunk. Keep scoring the wood, but do not touch it.

First, the children carve the boar snout.
Photo (c)

Now we saw off the piece of wood. Depending on the thickness about ten inches of it.

Sawing brings rain, or something like that. Before we continue carving, we saw off our workpiece from the branch wood.
Photo (c)

Now we round off the other end of the wood with the penknife. The children always carve at the edge and turn the wood after each cut. The result is a hemisphere, the “butt” of the boar.

Now we carve the rump of wild boar.
Photo (c)

Carve on the chassis

Now we are carving from thin two four equally long sticks, these are the later legs of our wild boar.

We are now carving the legs of the boar.
Photo (c)

Pinch the sticks at one end and drill four holes in the “boar’s body” with the awl. Then you put the sticks in it.

With the awl of the pocketknife, we drill four holes at the bottom and put the sticks in it.
Photo (c)

Next is the tail. Drill a hole in the rump with the awl and insert a thin piece of twig, curled as it were.

A wild boar without tail. Does not work!
Photo (c)

There is something missing? Exactly! A boar has ears. Take two pieces of wood and use the penknife to carve thin notches on the head. Put the chips in it.

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