Children celebrate supper

You can’t invite early enough

Children are admitted to the Lord’s Supper – this decision was made by the synod of our regional church in 1979. So were many synods from other regional churches.

There had always been reservations in parishes. The confirmation was a prerequisite for admission to the sacrament, the critics argued. And children should first understand the meaning and meaning of the sacrament. That is only possible from a certain age.

However, it is not confirmation that participation in the Lord’s Supper is necessary, but baptism. According to Lutheran conviction, baptized people, including children, are called upon to participate in the faith through their faith To celebrate of the Lord’s Supper and listening to the preaching of the Word to strengthen and grow their faith. The basics for this are necessary in childhood. You can’t invite early enough.

As far as understanding is concerned, children grasp much more deeply in what they do and experience than in a linguistic and thus argumentative manner. This is reinforced once again by the Evangelical Adult Catechism: “The presence of Christ in the Lord’s Supper is initially not the subject of discussion, but an event that must be experienced. The fact that we experience the closeness to God in such simple things as bread and wine is a secret that is only revealed to those who can be seized by it. ”So the participation of children in the Lord’s Supper also helped to look at the a lot of To gain meaning from the ceremony.

What remains is the responsibility to prepare the first meals with the children in an appropriate way. An important building block is the telling of the associated stories, such as that of the Passover meal of Jesus with his disciples or the stories about the liberation of the people of Israel from Egypt. This can be done at the children’s church service, with a children’s Bible week or on a free time. The preparation with the families should also be kept in mind.

Children can appreciate the sacrament and love it

“The invitation to the sacrament also includes baptized children and confirmation candidates. Parents, godparents, but also the community are responsible for fulfilling the promise of baptism. Invitation to and attending the sacrament celebration will result in children appreciating and loving the sacrament and finding their own access to the mystery of faith. In conversations with parents and godparents, in church services and in children’s groups Children on be prepared to attend the sacrament. Communion celebrations in family services and in confirmation work enable the practice of a sacrament piety that shapes life from child. "

Word from the Bishop’s Council of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Hanover


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