Children – (education) – our future

"Children should get two things from their parents: roots and wings". That was what Johann Wolfgang von GOETHE meant a long time ago. "wing" means: swing up, be brave, try new things. That has to be learned.

Online on: 07/17/2017

The youth welfare office in Bonn. Or: How a father is tricked

Youth welfare offices are authorities and authorities embody monopolies. Typical characteristics: ignorance & Arbitrariness. This is also felt by the father, who is seriously worried about his (minor) daughter. It does not come against the superiority of the youth welfare office in Bonn.

Online on: 12/28/2015 | Updated on: 05/13/2019

Yagmur from Hamburg, 3 1/2 years old

This is Yagmur – a few months before her painful death: internally bleeding from a liver tear. If anyone in the medical field or the relevant authorities had raised the alarm publicly, Yagmur could still be alive. Without pain and torture.

Online on: 05/05/2012 | Updated on: 04/18/2016

Family help sold

In Berlin, the "poor but sexy" the state gives approx. 400 million euros for the support of "Familys" who have problems: almost half a billion. This arouses desires, and so almost 800 free share "carrier" this cake. And just as the appetite comes with eating, what is actually meaningful often becomes inefficient. Not so much the families benefit from it, but above all the owners: a system of free self-service.

Online on: 17.03.2011 | Updated on: 12/28/2015

Children – our future: poor and / or neglected?

Germany – a country of prosperity. One of the richest and economically strongest countries on our globe. Also: One of the largest exporters of huge quantities of goods all over the world. And how are most children doing? Our future? Regular statistical data, but also the reality (s), paint a different picture: Over 2.5 million children live in poverty. In financially and mentally poor conditions. Germany: actually a wealthy nation?

Online on: 11.03.2011 | Updated on: 09/12/2015

The Kevin case – dead in the fridge

It should also children "Social rule of law" Good go. State intervention is therefore possible for potentially endangered children. In 2006, the responsible authorities agreed to withdraw Kevin, two and a half, from his drug-addicted father. Staff of the "Social Services Office" find him dead in the fridge.

Online on: 27/02/2010 | Updated on: 09/12/2015

Educational panic in adults and pressure to perform among children

This is about the connections – again using the example of a committed family therapist who received so much encouragement and flowers after the publication that the apartment of the author Michael OHNEWALD became a sea of ​​flowers

Online on: 23/01/2010 | Updated on: 01/25/2016

Educational misery: unpopular because committed teachers

Michael OHNEWALD deals with the subject of ‘Bildungsmisere in Deutschland’ using the example of a portrait: Bildungsmisere: unpopular, committed teachers who raised the alarm in Baden-Württemberg and asked critical questions to their top employer.

Online on: 24/01/2009 | Updated on: 12/21/2015

Giang’s first trip. And: Christmas without fear

The story of two refugee families who ultimately led the responsible government president to take a closer look at the deportations. The two families can stay

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