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We take children seriously and wish the little people that they feel at home with us and on top of that have a fantastic, playful, eventful and unforgettable time in Hamburg. Here we have some information for you, which great offers we have especially in the Superbuden for children and what the little people in Hamburg can experience…

Children in the Superbuden

First of all the most important thing: there are no prohibition signs for children. Children can be everywhere!

In general, children up to the age of 9 are allowed to have breakfast for free in the supermarkets – experience has shown that waffles with Nutella and coloured sprinkles together with cocoa put the kids in a good mood in the morning.

In every stall you can put up baby beds for children up to 3 years free of charge.

On typical Hamburg’s bad weather days, children can take part in all our events in St. Georg as well as in St. Pauli (e.g. Soundkuchen).

Shel and Kinder Superbude Hotel Hostel St. Pauli Children at the Sound Cake

Of course there are also children’s books and games: our hit is “Looping Louis”, where the players have to protect their henhouses from a battery-powered aerobatic pilot with a small seesaw. We also have handicrafts and painting materials in both stalls and are of course especially happy when the little ones can use them creatively – even in the guest books!

If little people want to cruise stylishly over the Kiezpflaster, longboards can be rented from us. For beginners we recommend first test drives in the Schanzenpark (a few minutes away from the Superbude St. Pauli) or in the parking lot of the Superbude St. Georg.

As a family hotel we would especially like to recommend the Superbude St. Georg to you – this is where our family focus lies! In contrast to our Pauli stall, there is the possibility to create extra beds in the stalls – children up to 9 years can stay overnight free of charge in St. Georg. We also cooperate with a neighbouring multi-storey car park for families with children, dogs and cones, there is a roof terrace and an inner courtyard with a tire swing for playing in summer and a gymnasium for rainy days. In the gym you can play table tennis, nintendo, table football and skateboard memory in order to let out the energy gained from the sweets in the lobby. In our super cinema, children’s films are shown regularly, and cassette recorders with radio plays can also be borrowed.

Hamburg for children

indoor activities

To tell you the truth: Hamburg has almost 200 rainy days a year. Therefore you should have some indoor activities on your itinerary in addition to city sightseeing plans, walks along the Elbe beach and visits to parks. We warmly recommend a visit to the Miniaturwunderland to families – even if the entrance fee is not exactly cheap, a visit is still worth it and will be remembered by you and your children for a long time.

children’s wonderland

Thanks to our cooperation with the Chocoversum in Hamburg, both young and old can get discounted admission to the Chocolate Museum – just contact us at the reception!

Hamburg also has a lot to offer in terms of indoor sports activities for all children and would-be children. For example in the XXL trampoline world JUMP House. Here, in addition to the general jumping, there are also regular 3D Dodgeball tournaments (= people’s ball on trampolines). You can experience the next Dodgeball event on Thursday, May 12, 2016.

JumpHouse:FreeJUMP / Photo: JumpHouse

Further tobe locations are the adventure center rabatzz and the Lazerfun, where you can shoot interactive targets and the vests of other players with a spotlight (since March 18, 2016 there is also an arena in HH-Mundsburg).

In Hamburg’s black light district, you can immerse yourself in a mysterious nocturnal world and marvel through skill courses, black light miniature golf and walk-through illusions. A magnificent highlight for a cross-generational family holiday!

Stargate1/Photo:Black light district Black light miniature golf/Photo:Black light district

When the weather is nice

On beautiful Hanseatic sunny days you can visit the different parks with all your children without high financial expenditure (e.g. with a HVV group ticket). The Hamburg City Park offers an especially large playground: there’s a huge paddling pool, metre-high swings, a cable car, dozens of play equipment and an unbelievable amount of sand digging area.

park basin

Giant swing in the city park

In the ski jump park near the Superbude St. Pauli you have the possibility to climb with the kids on Sundays (from April to October) between 15:00h and 17:30h on the Kilimanjaro. The Elbe beach is also a nice destination for excursions with children – there are many bathing and paddling spots along the Elbe (but be careful: the container ships produce a lot of suction and waves!).

Real small hamburgers

Since children love animals, you can also visit Hagenbecks Tierpark and/or the Tropenaqarium (also suitable for bad weather). If you are looking for a cheaper way to observe animals and want a little local recreation, you can redirect your family to the Niendorf enclosure.

Katta in Hagenbecks Zoo

For further individual tips please contact our super staff at the reception!

Have a lot of fun with your family!

If you expect more offspring: here is a link to our blog for pregnant women in Hamburg!

Next week you will find here exclusively the recipe of our May spread!

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